Spark conversation. Spark courage.

About Us

We serve as the spark that ignites the sharing of a truly Canadian culture. Our stories. Our ideas. Our uniqueness.

We do it by championing the content produced by the diverse people of this land. First the spark glows – and then it grows.

We’re not just fostering Canadian voices for entertainment’s sake. We’re celebrating the history – and the future – of this great nation.


A world where Canada’s talent and experiences transcend platforms and borders, triggering emotion, innovation and ideas.

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Who we are

Champions and nurturers of
courageous storytelling.


We foster, promote and finance Canadian content, across all audiovisual platforms, and help share it with the world.

Cmf Vision Kims Convenience


We help our creators thrive in a disruptive environment. We support innovation and Canada’s full range of diversity, perspective and independence of thought. We open doors through industry and private sector partnerships.


An experience shared from the heart spreads light, dismantles walls and opens the hearts of others.


Our Team

Valerie Creighton, C.M., S.O.M.
President and CEO
Valerie Creighton Small
Mathieu Chantelois
EVP, Marketing & Public Affairs
Management Mathieu
Nathalie Clermont
EVP, Content Strategy & Business Development
Management Nathalie V2
Trent Locke
EVP, Finance & Analytics
Management Trent
Joy Loewen
VP, Growth & Inclusion
Management Joy
Richard Koo
VP, Analytics & Strategic Insights
Management Richard
Rod Butler
VP, Content & Regulatory
Management Rod
Emmanuelle Petrakis
Director, Strategic Partnerships
Emmanuelle Petrakis
Janine Steele
Director, Interactive Digital Media
Management Janine
Jared Morrow
Director, Communications
Management Jared
Jessica Lea Fleming
Director, Inclusion & Growth
Karen Tohana
Director, English Content
Management Karen
Kyle O’Byrne
Director, Public Affairs
Photo By Ben Welland
Mireille Darveau
Director, French Content
Management Mireille
Svitlana Levit
Director, Finance and Administration
Management Svitlana
Michael Schmalz
Chair, Board of Directors
Director Michael
Alison Clayton
Director Alison
Barry Chapman
Director Barry
Chantale Coulombe
Director Chantale
Gary Pizante
Director Gary
Guy Fournier
Director Guy
René Guimond
Board Rene
Russell Grosse
Director Russell
Sanae Takahashi
Director Sanae

Board Activities

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Audit committee charters, governance & HR charter, statement of corporate governance principles, code of business contact, and by-laws.

Equity and Inclusion

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Our equity and inclusion strategy for 2020-2023

Our Policies

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Our policies or principles related to Narrative Positioning, Anti-Harassment, Diversity and Artificial Intelligence.

2024-2025 Business Plan

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Our plan to support Canada’s creativity.

Our Funding Contributors

The Canada Media Fund receives contributions from the Government of Canada and Canada’s cable, satellite and IPTV distributors. The CMF thanks its financial contributors for their continued support of Canadian television and digital media content.