I have read and agree to comply with the CMF Digital Media Reporting obligations.:

The CMF requests that Digital Media projects are tagged within the first 6 months after the initial contract is signed (see Events of Default Agreement). If an extension is required to tag your project, please provide an explanation:

6 Digit Code
Language Preference:

My project is:

My project is hosted on:

(For definitions, please click here.)
Does your project currently have a non-CMF Adobe Tagging Code?:

If requesting to tag an application, please provide a direct link to its location in the applicable App Store.

(Providing the anticipated launch date will assist us in generating the proper tracking codes for your project. However, this does not absolve the project from meeting its DM Beta Stage requirement at Telefilm.)

Please note: You are responsible for contacting [email protected] immediately after the project has been tagged in order for the CMF to validate that the tagging was successful.