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CMF Trends is a fully bilingual website developed by the Canada Media Fund (CMF) that provides in-depth analyses of the transformations underway in the world of digital media and technology. The website is intended to be an information curator that filters news and synthesizes all of the noise generated by the overabundance of available data.

On CMF Trends, you will find:

Hundreds of blog posts written by the CMF’s Industry and Market Trends team as well as by collaborators and experts based in Canada and abroad.

Dozens of research reports including our semiannual Trends reports that provide an overview of the challenges and opportunities for Canadian producers and creators.

Data on Canadians’ media consumption patterns and on major global trends to facilitate your searches, presentations, etc.

Additionally, here are some of CMF Trends' other available resources:

Resources to improve workplace inclusion and diversity
Overview of existing Canadian export support programs
Directory of Festivals and Award Ceremonies for Canadian Webseries


Industry Research Partnerships

The Canada Media Fund supports relevant research projects led by Canadian industry organizations.
To find out more, consult the attached document: Standards for Industry Research.


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