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April 03, 201903 April 2019
Despite all the cotton-candy bliss that is often associated with motherhood, the reality is that becoming a mother is very demanding at every level. Between the uncontrollable sobs of postpartum (both by mom and baby), the extreme tiredness (no, baby does not sleep through the night yet), and a permanent feeling of powerlessness (baby no longer has colics, but now, he’s teething), many young moms feel overwhelmed by their new role.
March 06, 201906 March 2019
In the plethora of video games on the market, often the themes and concepts proposed are similar: sports, combat or war games. Aiming to stand out, a team of creators came together to tell a story that is both unique and universal; a quest to try to find oneself.
January 24, 201924 January 2019
We are in the early 1990s. Little 8 year-old Thierry spends hours in front of his console exploring the world of Ninja Gaiden. Amazed by this video game, the boy begins to dream about his own ninja story... Fast forward 25 years. Thierry Boulanger, now a programmer, meets Martin Brouard, an executive producer. The two video game enthusiasts, then colleagues at Frima Studio in Québec city, were far from suspecting that their meeting would lead to the creation of one of the greatest successes of the year 2018 in their industry: The Messenger.
December 13, 201813 December 2018
A small village in the countryside where everyone thinks they know each other. A youth centre where difficult decisions are made. The magnificent landscapes of the Bas-Saint-Laurent. And Brigitte’s homecoming in a chain of events which will have consequences. This is how the dramatic series L’Échappée produced by Amalga begins. While author Michelle Allen's characters try to escape their own truth, her story seeks to be as real as possible in order to reveal the world of youth centres to the audience.  
October 04, 201804 October 2018
To leave one's own existence. Give up everything to change your life. For many, it's a fantasy that will never materialize. But when this escape becomes the means of leaving a tragedy behind, exile is not pleasurable, but a means to survive.
July 26, 201826 July 2018
A small team of enthusiasts creates a major video game, rivalling those of the biggest international studios in the industry. How did they do it? We met the Creative Director Guillaume Provost of Compulsion Games studios in Montreal, to talk about the genesis of their latest creation: We Happy Few.
April 19, 201819 April 2018
A story about a clique. Six thrilling teenagers spend the winter in a cabin, near the mountain. But they are not alone. Behind the snowboards and ski boots stands a team who works hard to bring this series to the screen. Vicky Bounadère, producer at Productions Passez Go, unveils what brought Le Chalet to its peak.
January 26, 201826 January 2018
It all started in 2014, when journalist Raed Hammoud was shocked to find out that one of his friends, Youssef, had left Quebec to join the Jihad.
August 25, 201725 August 2017
Schitt’s Creek has won 16 awards and been nominated for an additional 14. In 2016, they swept 9 out of 10 of their categories at the Canadian Screen Awards including Best Comedy Series. 
July 27, 201727 July 2017
Unexpectedly for most observers, Donald Trump reaches the number of delegates needed to secure the Republican nomination for president. With his anti-immigration statements and his populist views, Donald Trump leaves no one indifferent. In this overheated situation, everybody speculates on the outcome of the election. 
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