CMF invests $2.8M in 13 documentary projects through French-language allocation of POV program

Toronto, August 17, 2023 – The Canada Media Fund (CMF) announced today a total investment of $2.8M in 13 francophone documentary projects through the French-language portion of our POV Program.  

Funding recipients for this iteration of the program include projects by: 

  • Terre Innue Inc. 
  • Colorées DOC Inc. 
  • Sphère Média inc. 
  • Les Films Extérieur Jour Inc. 
  • PVP DOC XI inc. 
  • Les Productions Avanti-Toast Inc. 
  • Item 7 Inc. 
  • Les Productions Lustitia Inc. 
  • Attraction Images Productions X Inc. 
  • Trinome III inc. 
  • Les Productions Magasin Général Inc. 
  • Productions Casadel Inc. 
  • 9490-7870 QUEBEC INC. 

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The Point-of-View (POV) Program is designed to encourage one-off, point-of-view documentary production for both English and French markets. Funding recipients for the English-language portion of the program were announced earlier this summer.  

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Senior Manager, Communications 
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