CMF unveils key insights from #CanConDef research initiative at Banff World Media Festival

BANFF, June 12, 2023 – The Canada Media Fund (CMF) kicked off the Banff World Media Festival by unveiling key data and insights from the first phase of our #CanConDef research initiative. Through a combination of online surveys and in-depth ethnographic interviews, this wide-ranging research involved the participation of over 2,500 Canadians from the audiovisual industry and general public.

Banff Panel
Photo credit: Nick Laferriere - From left, Philippe Lamarre, Sasha Leigh Henry, Christina Jennings, Stacey Aglok MacDonald, Tom Hastings, Valerie Creighton.

At a panel moderated by the CMF’s President and CEO Valerie Creighton, attendees learned about the differences and similarities in perceptions of Canadian content between the industry and general public.

Preliminary findings

  • Both segments agree on core objectives such as ensuring investment in Canadian content by streaming services and economic stability for Canadian companies and industry workers.
  • Members of the public generally agreed that geographical elements such as characters living in Canada, a location set primarily in Canada, and filming in Canada make Canadian content distinct.
  • Industry respondents tended to agree that Canadian content is defined by its creators living in Canada, employing Canadians, and being owned by a Canadian production company.
  • For the public, instilling a sense of national pride and social cohesion is the most important objective in the redefinition of Canadian content.
  • For the industry, IP ownership was consistently underscored as a critical element for competitiveness and economic benefits for the industry.
  • Both industry and public respondents agreed that using Canadian talent (on and off screen) was a key element to increase industrial competitiveness and foster a strong representation of Canadian diversity and culture on screen.

“The CMF is a trusted industry ally. We have always consulted with the industry to support our work and the work of others, and the #CanConDef research initiative is part of this process,” said Valerie Creighton, President & CEO, CMF. “Although the full report comes out in the fall, we know the industry has been paying close attention and we wanted to share some preliminary data at one of the most important industry festivals of the year.”

What’s next

Each phase of the #CanConDef initiative is being conducted by La Société des demains, a foresight and research firm engaged by the CMF. The “What You Said” final report slated for release in the fall will contain data and insights from both phases of the initiative: the ethnographic inquiry phase, consisting of the in-depth interviews and online surveys, and the ongoing co-creation phase, involving a series of virtual and in-person foresight workshops taking place in June 2023.

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