High demand for Convergent Digital Media Incentive

Toronto, April 25, 2013—The CMF announced today that the Convergent Digital Media Incentive (CDMI) for English language projects is now closed due to a high number of eligible applications received.

The CMF will no longer be accepting applications from applicants who wish to receive funds for their English language digital media component from this incentive. Applicants who are eligible to receive funds from the French Convergent Digital Media Incentive allocation can still apply. 

The Convergent Digital Media Incentive is designed to encourage the production of value-added digital media components that are related to CMF-funded television productions in order to provide the Canadian public with the opportunity to access their favourite content on different platforms for a truly convergent experience.

For more information, please call the CMF Program Administrator | Telefilm Canada in your region.

About the Canada Media Fund
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For more information, please contact:

Pierre Campeau
Communications Manager
Canada Media Fund
[email protected]