As in any small town, there are those that play by the rules and those that come looking for trouble – and the town of Letterkenny is no exception. The CraveTV Original Series starring Jared Keeso is set to start the filming of its third season already, with Seasons 1 and 2 premiering in 2016. Each a set of six released at the same time, this comedic shenanigans is nothing but binge-worthy.

A Soft Birthday

The show originally began as a YouTube series, created by Jared. When Executive Producers Mark Montefiore and Patrick O’Sullivan of New Metric Media saw it, they knew they wanted to work with Jared to take it to the next level. In partnership with DHX Media and the Canada Media Fund, the show was launched on Bell Media’s streaming service.

After only a year, the show is nominated for eight Canadian Screen Awards, including Best Comedy Series, Best Writing and Best Directing in a Comedy Series. It’s clear that the show is appreciated not only by their entertainment Industry comedy peers but by the growing number of fans around the country. CraveTV finds it to be popular in all provinces and across demographics. Aimed at young men 18-34, everyone is watching. What accounts for this? Mark explains “it shows life in small town Canada, how many of us grow up.” And it’s funny in a “Texas-sized” kind of way. With the running jokes, the catchy repetitious punchlines, and the outrageous yet familiar characters, there’s something for everyone. Added bonus for those that catch the Canadian cultural references, like David Suzuki, Fred Penner, and MacDonald High. Stick around to the end of the credits and you’ll get even more.

Hey there, Daryl (Nathan Dales)

Shot in Sudbury, Ontario, Mark feels it’s a great place to live, work and shoot Letterkenny. Full of creativity, the Industry is growing in the North. Growing up in St. Catharines, Ontario, it reminds him of home – so much so that he now lives there. The name for the show was chosen by Jared, who grew up in Listowel and has family roots in Ireland. Coincidentally, there was once a Letterkenny, Ontario, now a ghost town. The perfect name to bring back to life.

With the next Season about to go into production in March, the team can’t wait to get back on set. “The amount of laughing that’s done on set is tremendous. Everybody’s having a good time,” says Mark. It will take about four weeks to shoot six episodes, with a shooting schedule that resembles a film. Director Jacob Tierney keeps the pace, dialogue and humour going. Now the challenge is working to a year-round schedule, hoping to shoot again in July and October.

Mark feels particularly proud that they’re making “something that speaks to an audience, has a following, a motivated community.” And what’s more, New Metric gives back to the community that Letterkenny calls home. For fans of the show, Official Letterkenny Shamrocks jerseys and other swag will help you feel like part of the team.

Good ol' boy Wayne (Jared Keeso)

What’s next for the dynamic team at New Metric? With Letterkenny on a roll, they’re also in post-production on mini-series Bad Blood and are excited for the premiere of What Would Sal Do? March 24th on CraveTV. If you’re looking for a party or a good old fashioned donnybrook, join the ‘hicks, skids, hockey players and Christians’ plus celebrity fans like Kevin Smith and Jay Baruchel on Twitter and Facebook. Pitter patter, let’s get at ‘er!