Our Top 5 Most-Read Articles in 2018

2018 is coming to an end and, this year again, many of you have followed us! Some of the articles have really caught your attention and, as we enter the next year, we have gathered the content on CMF Trends that has generated the most engagement. 

5 - Making Money With VR: Emerging Methods

The revenue of the global virtual reality (VR) industry is expected to reach $48.2 billion by 2022 according to Greenlight Insights and RoadToVR in their 2018 Virtual Reality Industry Report. Learn how to profit from the fast emerging category of VR entertainment according to Charlie Fink, one of the world’s leading voices in VR and AR, and Ryan Andal, president and cofounder of the award-winning Secret Location studio.

4 - Out to Conquer Canadian TV Viewers: Online Television Vs. Conventional Television

Canadians can now subscribe to 25 online television services, from Netflix to Sportsnet Now and everything in between. Brahm Eiley, president of The Convergence Research Group, explains the potential consequences of this multiplication of services on Canada’s TV production industry.

3 - Ravenous: Marketing a Horror Movie in the Social Media Era

A socio-support campaign, influencers, audience targeting on Facebook and Twitter: here’s an analysis of the role played by social media and digital platforms in developing an online community for Quebec’s horror feature film Ravenous (Les Affamés), nominated for five Canadian Screen Awards.

2 - Where are the Women in eSports?

Globally, close to half of all gamers are women. Why then do they continue to represent a minority in the eSports arena? A look back at the historical origins of the gender divide in the videogame industry.

1 - Pitching to Netflix: Tips from the Top

Four months after it was announced that Netflix would be investing CDN$500 million in original productions in Canada over a 5-year period, Netflix’s now former VP of Content, Elizabeth Bradley, took the stage at Prime Time in Ottawa to talk about how producers can get their shows on the platform.

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