Overview of existing Canadian export support programs

Here is a list of Canadian export support programs for producers who are seeking to develop new markets.

The success of Canadian content during MIPCOM 2016, the international audiovisual content market held in Cannes, confirms that it radiates beyond our borders. Blue Ant International sold 300 hours of content to European and Asian broadcasters, whereas eOne sold its children’s series titled Winston Steinburger in several regions of the globe, including the Middle East. And those are but two examples among many.

To help Canadian producers’ efforts to develop new markets, we have identified 25 Canadian export support programs—of national and regional scope—offering a breadth of promotional and marketing activities for Canadian productions, including business trips, participation in trade fairs and missions, technology development, the hiring of consultants and the development of business expansion strategies.

Beyond providing logistical support abroad, certain programs have more specific intents. For example, the China Angels Mentorship Programis designed to help start-ups gain access to Chinese markets.

As the appetite for new content expands, export opportunities are multiplying.

The amount of money spent on the production of international content will have almost doubled in five years, from $150 billion in 2011 to $240 billion in 2016. With respect to major over-the-top (OTT) players, Netflix and Amazon doubled their annual programming expenses between 2011 and 2015, which reached $7.5 billion in 2015.

Export support programs can therefore help Canadian producers to capitalize on new business opportunities.

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Access to FestivalsVisit SiteManitobaDigital media, Film, TelevisionOn Screen Manitoba

Independent Manitoba writers, directors, producers and distributors with at least two years of professional production experience.

Applicants must be OSM members since a minimum of three months and have been officially invited to the screening of their film during a film festival.

Supports travel costs for eligible applicants whose productions have been selected to screen at national and international festivals that have significant industry recognition:

  • Transportation;
  • Event registration;
  • Accommodation;
  • Per diems.

Industry-driven fund that provides travel assistance to independent whose productions have been selected by recognized national and international festivals.

Nature of the assistance

  • Covers 50% of the maximum total of eligible  costs up to the amount approved by the jury;
  • Maximum of $3,000 for North American travel and $3,500 for international travel;
  • Annual contributions may not exceed $6,000 per member.
manitobadigital-media film televisionon-screen-manitoba
Access to MarketsVisit SiteManitobaDigital media, Film, TelevisionOn Screen Manitoba

Manitoba producers, independent distributors, writers and creative service professionals.

Applicants must be OSM members since a minimum of three months.

Supports attendance at national and international markets:

  • Transportation;
  • Event registration;
  • Accommodation;
  • Per diems.

Industry-driven fund that supports market development activities.

Nature of the assistance

  • Covers 50% of the maximum total of eligible  costs up to the amount approved by the jury;
  • Annual contributions may not exceed $12,000 per member;
  • Producers are also eligible to apply for up to two (2) business trips, red carpet screenings, and/or award shows, where the primary activity of the producer will be focused around business meetings and market expansion.
manitobadigital-media film televisionon-screen-manitoba
Aide financière remboursable au développement de formats/concepts télévisuelsVisit SiteNationalDevelopment activities, Production activities, TelevisionHarold Greenberg Fund/Bell Media

Canadian independent production companies.

French-language TV formats/ concepts (TV dramas, reality shows, games, variety shows, etc.) developed based on an original Canadian idea.

Development of TV formats/concepts with international potential.

Nature of the assistance

  • Up to 50% of eligible  development costs (writing, content and/or production testing of a non-broadcast pilot, according to the nature of the project);
  • Financed amount refundable in its entirety;

In the case of TV dramas: possibility of additional funding if the series is eventually produced, up to a maximum of $150,000.

nationaldevelopment-activities production-activities televisionharold-greenberg-fund-bell-media
Beyond your Backyard (Export Readiness Program)Visit SiteNewfoundland and LabradorAll sectors, Marketing activitiesDepartment of Business, Tourism, Culture and Rural Development

Newfoundland and Labrador companies that are interested in or currently exporting goods and/or services to international markets.

Provides services and expertise to companies engaged in export:

  • Dedicated international trade expertise;
  • Identification of gaps in existing export preparations/strategy;
  • Customized recommendations to address identified gaps;
  • Increased access to export training and mentoring opportunities;
  • Ongoing support.
  • Encourage companies to take a systematic approach to preparing for export;
  • Work directly with companies to assess their overall level of export-readiness;
  • Develop training and mentoring to address identified gaps;
  • Save companies time and expense by helping to manage the risks associated with exporting.
newfoundland-and-labradorall-sectors marketing-activitiesdepartment-of-business-tourism-culture-and-rural-development
CanExportVisit SiteNationalAll sectors, Marketing activitiesGlobal Affairs Canada
  • Canadian-registered for-profit companies with between $200,000 and $50,000,000 in revenue;
  • 1–250 full-time equivalent employees;
  • Open to companies in all sectors, with the exception of sectors that already have access to a federal export support program (e.g., Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s AgriMarketing program).

Export development activities beyond the company’s basic activities, as part of a strategic business plan focussing on target markets. For example:

  • Business travel to target markets;
  • Participation in trade shows and missions;
  • New market marketing tools;
  • Consultants and market studies;
  • Legal fees incurred to have products certified, intellectual property protected and contracts reviewed.

Direct financial assistance to Canadian small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are seeking new export and market opportunities, particularly in priority sectors (including ITCs) and markets with high growth potential.

Nature of the assistance

  • Financial assistance varying between $10,000 and $100,000;
  • Up to 50% of eligible costs (including contributions from any other government funds);
  • Expert consultants’ honoraria are limited to a maximum of 25% of the project’s total cost.
nationalall-sectors marketing-activitiesglobal-affairs-canada
CMF–Quebecor Fund Export Assistance Program Pilot PartnershipVisit SiteQuebecDevelopment activities, TelevisionCanada Media Fund

Producers established in Quebec.

Focus on acquiring pre-sale financing from foreign broadcasters, online streaming services, distributors and sales agents during the development period of a television project’s lifecycle.

Strives to promote export initiatives concerning audiovisual content created by producers established in Quebec and intended for foreign markets.

Nature of the assistance
Assistance will be provided in the form of a recoupable investment. The maximum contribution provided to each eligible project shall be $400,000. Up to $300,000 will be contributed by QF, and up to $100,000 will be contributed by the CMF to each selected project. Up to 6 projects will be supported through this Partnership.

quebecdevelopment-activities televisioncanada-media-fund
Corus-CMF “Page to Pitch” ProgramVisit SiteNationalDevelopment activities, TelevisionCanada Media Fund

Canadian independent production companies.

Projects eligible under one of the CMF’s genres (drama, documentary, children and youth, variety and performing arts).

For presale activities: funding supports activities such as travel, accommodations, participation in sales markets, presale material and short length pilots that are not to be broadcast.

Support of TV project development activities.

Emphasis placed on two distinct phases during the development of a TV project:

  • Screenwriting;
  • Presales with foreign broadcasters and distributors.


Nature of the assistance

Up to a maximum of:

  • Concept: the lesser of 75% of eligible project expenses or $75,000;
  • Presale: the lesser of 75% of eligible project expenses or $75,000.
nationaldevelopment-activities televisioncanada-media-fund
Creative Export CanadaVisit SiteNationalAll sectorsGlobal Affairs Canada

To be eligible for funding, you must be a Canadian-owned and -controlled organization incorporated under the laws of Canada, a province or a territory, with a minimum of one full-time employee and capable of entering into legally binding contracts. A group of legal entities are eligible for the program but individuals are not.

Eligible recipients are:

  • for-profit organizations;
  • not-for-profit organizations;
  • indigenous band councils, tribal councils, and other organizations (First Nations, Inuit or Métis).

Only project-related cash expenses are eligible; these may include:

  • acquisition of digital or other technologies;
  • professional services or the portion of employees’ salaries related to time directly spent on the project;
  • travel and accommodation*;
  • marketing expenses;
  • administration costs; and
  • other direct costs related to the project.

Creative Export Canada provides annual funding to high-potential projects that amplify the international reach of Canada’s creative industries.

The program supports projects that generate export revenues and the discoverability of Canadian creative works regardless of platforms or formats. Ultimately, the expected outcome of the program is to grow the export revenues of Canada’s creative industries.

Enterprise Trade FundVisit SiteYukonFilm, Marketing activitiesYukon Media Development

Funding is available to all Yukon registered businesses and not-for-profit organizations registered under the Societies Act focused on market expansion and business development.

Subject to relevant assessment criteria, some examples of possible projects may include:

  • Promotional material for new markets and market expansion;
  • Business plans;
  • Marketing plans;
  • Market research;
  • Professional development workshops and other learning forums on business topics; and
  • Participation in trade and investment mission.

The program aims to open up new markets or significantly expand existing markets, particularly export markets and support the development of Yukon businesses.

Nature of the assistance
In order to best meet demands on the fund and support a variety of projects, private business projects are funded up to a maximum of 50%.

yukonfilm marketing-activitiesyukon-media-development
Export assistance programVisit SiteNationalFilm, Marketing activitiesTelefilm Canada

Canadian and foreign distribution companies who acquire the rights to exploit one or more qualified Canadian productions on the eligible territories.

Support the promotion and international marketing strategy of Canadian productions.

Canadian feature films with a budget of less than or equal to $2.5M that received production assistance from Telefilm Canada and that are now market-ready.

Financial support to cover costs relating to the promotional campaign for the theatrical release of the qualified productions (e.g., creation of a new trailer, advertising and marketing costs, airfare, subtitling, etc).

The maximum assistance per qualified Canadian production, regardless of territory, is $90,000.

Note: Program open until funds have been exhausted on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

nationalfilm marketing-activitiestelefilm-canada
Export Help! ProgramVisit SitePrince Edward IslandAll sectors, Marketing activitiesTrade Team PEI

Registered companies in most regions of the Island.

Companies must demonstrate that they are export ready.

Market studies, planning and core information on trade and exports.

Links export-ready companies to specialized consultants in the export field.

Nature of the assistance
Non-reimbursable contribution covering 90% of the cost of hiring a consultant for a maximum of 40 hours, i.e., up to a maximum of $5,000.

The company must pay its part (10%) of the costs when the contract is signed.

prince-edward-islandall-sectors marketing-activitiestrade-team-pei
Export Market AccessVisit SiteOntarioAll sectors, Marketing activitiesOntario Chamber of Commerce

Businesses with a minimum of 5 employees to a maximum of 500 employees established and operating in Ontario.

  • Direct contacts;
  • Marketing tools;
  • Market studies;
  • Foreign calls for tenders.

A Global Expansion Program (EMA) designed to assist small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to access and expand their growth in foreign markets.

Nature of the assistance
For companies of 5 or more employees and annual sales of $500,000 or more, a contribution covering up to 50% of eligible  costs incurred to develop export sales. Eligible activities include market research, marketing tools, direct contacts and foreign calls for tenders.

ontarioall-sectors marketing-activitiesontario-chamber-of-commerce
Export Pilot ProgramVisit SiteNationalDevelopment activities, TelevisionCanada Media Fund

Television projects eligible under one of the CMF’s genres (drama, documentary, children and youth, variety and performing arts).

Acquisition of pre-sale financing from foreign broadcasters, online streaming services, distributors and sales agents during the development period of a Television project.

The program strives to help support pitch, sales and promotional activities for television projects intended for international markets during the development stage. The following costs may be considered eligible costs:

  • Creation of pitch material including short non-broadcast demos;
  • Limited translation, dubbing and subtitling for previously produced episodes of a project for the purposes of non-broadcast sales tools;
  • Development of production budget and financing;
  • Travel and accommodation costs related to procuring international pre-sales;
  • Sales market attendance;
  • Arms-length legal costs;
  • Producer fees and corporate overhead (subject to the Producer Fees and Corporate Overhead Policy);
  • Accounting fees (if review engagement is required as per the Accounting and Reporting Requirements.


Nature of the assistance
The maximum contribution by the CMF shall be the lesser of 75% of a project’s eligible costs or $75,000.

nationaldevelopment-activities televisioncanada-media-fund
Export Support FundVisit SiteAlbertaMultiple sectors, including cultural industriesGovernment of Alberta
  • For-profit companies with annual sales of $50,000 to $25 million, with a minimum of one full-time employee in Alberta;
  • Must be an incorporated legal entity in Alberta since at least 2 years;
  • Must indicate interest in developing sales in a market that represents 10% or less of the company’s sales for the last 12 months.


Special conditions:

Audiovisual production companies must also meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Annual sales of at least $50,000 in the previous year; or
  • Production of at least one hour of content that has been broadcast nationally or internationally on a recognized network.

Funded activities must aim at promoting international business development, represent new initiatives and provide an opportunity to yield concrete results.

The program is part of a larger Government of Alberta initiative, the Alberta Export Expansion Package (http://www.alberta.ca/promoting-trade-investment.aspx), with two other programs planned: Global Buyers and Investors Program et Export Readiness Program.

Program designed to ease the cost of exporting. It will support Alberta small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) looking to enter new international markets.

Nature of the assistance
Grant with a maximum reimbursement of 50% of the costs incurred, between $2,000 and $20,000 per year for a select range of approved export activities:

  • Accommodation;
  • Transportation;
  • Registration at select tradeshows and/or events;
  • Translation of marketing materials;
  • Call for tenders documents.

The level of government assistance (i.e., federal, provincial, territorial and municipal) cannot exceed 50% of the total eligible expenses. Open to activities in all countries, provided Canada has not imposed trade or economic sanctions.

Film, Television and New Media | Film – Promotional Travel AssistanceVisit SiteNew BrunswickFilm, Marketing activities, New media, TelevisionNew Brunswick Tourism, Heritage and Culture

New Brunswick resident producers.

Producers attending conferences, seminars, workshops, and any event that relates to the promotion and support of the film industry.

Financial assistance to New Brunswick resident producers seeking to participate in significant festivals and film-related events to which they have been officially invited or selected for screening and/or competition.

Nature of the assistance
50% of the costs incurred up to a maximum of $2,000 per producer or production company.

new-brunswickfilm marketing-activities new-media televisionnew-brunswick-tourism-heritage-and-culture
IDM (Interactive Digital Media) Fund – Global Market DevelopmentVisit SiteOntarioMarketing activities, New mediaOntario Media Development Corporation

Digital and interactive multimedia production companies domiciled in Ontario.

Participation in major sectoral gatherings and markets, business travels or tours to meet with renowned leaders, participation in trade missions organized by industry associations and government agencies. Proposed activities must be held outside of Canada.

Export development costs

Nature of the assistance
50% of total costs of all activities, capped at $15,000.

ontariomarketing-activities new-mediaontario-media-development-corporation
IDM (Interactive Digital Media) Fund – Marketing SupportVisit SiteOntarioMarketing activities, New mediaOntario Media Development Corporation

Digital and interactive multimedia production companies domiciled in Ontario.

The program is open to Production Fund recipients that are launching their IDM product.

Promotional activities may include: the creation of marketing material and tools specially designed to promote domestic and international sales (website, trailer, posters, etc.).

The Marketing Support program is designed to amplify the visibility and financial viability of OMDC-funded interactive digital media projects when they are released/available for sale in the marketplace.

Nature of the assistance
Non-reimbursable contribution of a minimum amount of $15,000 and a maximum amount of $50,000, capped at 75% of the promotional budget. 

ontariomarketing-activities new-mediaontario-media-development-corporation
Initiative Cineflix du développement à l’échelle internationale pour le contenu québécoisVisit SiteQuebecDevelopment activities, Marketing activities, Production activities, TelevisionQuebecor Fund, Société de développement des entreprises culturelles du Québec

Quebec television production companies.

Existing French-language television series intended for the international market.

Resources and funding to accelerate the development, production and export of English-language versions intended for the international market.

Nature of the assistance
Interested parties must contact the initiative’s director, for more information.

T: (1) 514-278-3140
F: (1) 514-270-3165

[email protected]

quebecdevelopment-activities marketing-activities production-activities televisionquebecor-fund societe-de-developpement-des-entreprises-culturelles-du-quebec
International marketing program – Participation in international festivals and eventsVisit SiteNationalFilm, Marketing activitiesTelefilm Canada

Canadian companies specializing in the production, distribution, and sales of Canadian films or coproductions officially selected at an international festival supported by the program, as well as Canadian production companies formally invited to take part in an eligible coproduction forum.

Promotion and international marketing of productions officially selected at an international festival, as well as producers invited to an international coproduction forum.

This program seeks to support the marketing of Canadian feature length and short films that have a huge potential for success. Supports the international promotion and marketing strategy for Canadian productions officially selected to be presented during a recognized international festival.

Nature of the assistance
Non-reimbursable contribution that can reach 100% of eligible costs, up to a cumulative maximum of $40,000 per eligible production.

nationalfilm marketing-activitiestelefilm-canada
Market & Export Development GrantVisit SiteSaskatchewanCultural sectors, Marketing activitiesCreative Saskatchewan

Individuals and businesses from the recognized creative industries for market access and market development opportunities.

Covers the deployment of promotional strategies as well as tours, advertising campaigns, promotional material development and the participation in one event to directly promote a product.

Provides support to individuals and businesses from the recognized creative industries for market access and market development opportunities.

Nature of the assistance
Up to a maximum of 50% of the approved budget; projects approved by the Saskatchewan Creative Industry Association may be eligible for 100% financing.

saskatchewancultural-sectors marketing-activitiescreative-saskatchewan
OMDC Export Fund – Film and TelevisionVisit SiteOntarioFilm, Marketing activities, TelevisionOntario Media Development Corporation

Film and television producers domiciled in Ontario.

Primary activities supported include targeted sales trips and attendance at international market events to support the company’s content creation and exploitation activities.

Export development costs.

Nature of the assistance
50% of total costs of all activities, capped at $15,000.

ontariofilm marketing-activities televisionontario-media-development-corporation
Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE)/China Canada Angels Alliance (CCAA) – China Angels Mentorship Program (CAMP)Visit SiteOntarioMarketing activities, Technologies, Virtual realityOntario Centres of Excellence

Early-stage companies looking to enter the Chinese market.

Preference given to the following markets: information and communications technology (ICT), healthcare IT, medical devices, clean technology, mobile technology and virtual reality.

Virtual incubation program designed to help start-ups prepare their businesses for the Chinese market. Helps companies shape their business model to fit the Chinese market, enter the marketplace and begin to scale their business.

Nature of the assistance

  • Capital investment between $100,000 and $500,000 by CCAA investors, with potential co-investment by OCE through its Market Readiness Program;
  • Mentorship program that matches and embeds Chinese investors and mentors who have a strong track record of growing companies in China with selected companies to develop Chinese market opportunities and prepare the company for successful entry into the Chinese marketplace. Includes two-week cohort- based training and mentorship in China.
ontariomarketing-activities technologies virtual-realityontario-centres-of-excellence
Passport To MarketsVisit SiteBritish ColumbiaFilm, Marketing activities, New media, TelevisionCreative BC

British Columbia resident producers who:

  • Have a track record in the domestic film and television industry;
  • Have been pre-selected to attend a particular market site;
  • Have experience producing media content that is domestically owned and controlled in British Columbia;
  • Are domestically or internationally within a recognized network;
  • Had his work released by a recognized distributor.


Software and game companies must also meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Annual sales of at least $50,000 in the previous year, or;
  • A published software or video game that generated at least $50,000 in the previous year.

Travel to attend international markets and conferences. Applicable market/festival sites are designated by Creative BC.

Eligible initiatives must translate to international sales and investments.

Program that assists producers to explore co-production partnerships and develop relationships with broadcasters, distributors and financiers. Sales agents are able to exploit their portfolio of film and TV projects, and attempt to secure pre-sales and/or distribution rights for various territories around the world.

Nature of the assistance
The maximum participation by Creative BC is set for each market site at between $1,000 and $2,500 depending on the location and cost to participate in the event.

british-columbiafilm marketing-activities new-media televisioncreative-bc
Programme d’aide à l’exportation (PAEX)Visit SiteQuebecDevelopment activities, Marketing activities, Production activities, TelevisionQuebecor Fund

Producers, distributors and broadcasters with head offices and decision-making centres located in Québec.

For example:

  • Implementation of an export project development fund;
  • Development of a portfolio of pilot shows and/or export-ready formats;
  • Support of an audiovisual content commercialization platform;
  • Development of more advanced tools to assist in content commercialization (e.g., dubbing, subtitling, branding, artwork).

Supports different business models that promote the export of audiovisual TV content.

Nature of the assistance

  • Reimbursable financial assistance applying to the business model’s financial structuring;
  • Minimum contribution of $50,000 and maximum contribution of $300,000, representing a maximum of 40% of the overall financial structuring.
quebecdevelopment-activities marketing-activities production-activities televisionquebecor-fund
Programme d’aide à l’exportation et au rayonnement culturel des œuvres cinéma, télé et interactivesVisit SiteQuebecCultural sector, including cinema, television and interactive works, Development activities, Marketing activitiesSociété de développement des entreprises culturelles du Québec

Quebec companies operating in the film, TV and interactive production.

Parts 1 and 2: Quebec distribution companies that hold distribution rights and registered annual sales of $10 million or more in the last two fiscal years.

Provides priority support to prospecting, business development, promotional and distribution activities as well as to the participation in international events.


Strategic development abroad – new markets, new works
Supports Québec-owned companies that conduct business activities abroad over a period of two to three years to develop new markets or new works.

Nature of the assistance
80% of the amount is granted in the form of a reimbursable loan and 20% in the form of a grant. Over the period covered by the business plan period, financial assistance cannot exceed 50% of eligible costs, up to a maximum of $125,000.


Ad hoc project support
Aims at fostering international sales of cinematographic, television and interactive works produced in Québec by supporting specific export projects with commercial potential. These projects enable companies to seize specific and punctual business opportunities abroad that fall outside of the realm of their regular activities.

Nature of the assistance
Financial assistance is provided in the form of grants. The amount of the grant may attain 50% of eligible costs (up to a maximum of $15,000 per year and per company or group of affiliated companies). A single grant is awarded per fiscal year.


Sodexport Collective market and fair presence and other export activities
Supports the organization of group kiosks and provides opportunities to increase the visibility of works and products:

  • Part 3.3: Festival and awards
  • Part 3.4: Search for funding and partnerships abroad
  • Part 3.5: Support of innovative promotional strategies


Nature of the assistance

  • Part 3.3: The financial assistance varies according to the festival category.
  • Part 3.4: The SODEC’s financial assistance can cover 100% of the eligible costs up to a maximum of $2,000.
  • Part 3.5: The SODEC’s financial assistance can cover 100% of the eligible costs up to a maximum of $5,000.
quebeccultural-sector-including-cinema-television-and-interactive-works development-activities marketing-activitiessociete-de-developpement-des-entreprises-culturelles-du-quebec
Quebec Culture Capital FundVisit SiteQuebecCultural sector, including film, television and new media, Development activities, Marketing activities, Production activitiesSociété de développement des entreprises culturelles du Québec

Companies that have their decision-making centre or main place of business based in Québec and operate in the sectors (among others) of TV and film production, multiplatform production, interactive digital production and video gaming.

Project commercialization, technology development, development of new business models, etc.

Financing of major cultural projects and products, destined for markets outside of Québec.

Nature of the assistance
Takes on the form of equity voting shares in the company, preferred shares or loans.

quebeccultural-sector-including-film-television-and-new-media development-activities marketing-activities production-activitiessociete-de-developpement-des-entreprises-culturelles-du-quebec
Screenwriters Development FundVisit SiteNova ScotiaDevelopment activities, Film, Marketing activitiesNova Scotia Communities, Culture and Heritage

Producers and Writers, individual filmmakers and film companies.

Objectives (among others):

  • The creation and development of film script projects by Nova Scotian filmmakers;
  • Increased export sales, and revenue growth;
  • The expansion of global markets, and audiences.

Nature of the assistance
Registered Nova Scotia businesses, and social enterprises can receive up to 50% of project costs through the fund.

Note: The program may be closed for the fiscal year underway. Visit the le site web de Nova Scotia Communities, Culture and Heritage website regularly for information of the next application period.

nova-scotiadevelopment-activities film marketing-activitiesnova-scotia-communities-culture-and-heritage
Soft Landing programVisit SiteNationalMarketing activities, TechnologiesCanadian Digital Media Network

For the clients of a Canadian Digital Media Network centre:

  • Must be a Canadian technology start-up or SME;
  • Product or service must be launched and market ready;
  • Company must have existing revenues;

Can demonstrate a strong probability of growing jobs, closing sales or securing investments as a result of the landing.

Revenue-generating Canadian technology start-ups and SMEs looking to:

  • Grow their customer base;
  • Open a satellite office;
  • Develop distribution channels or partnerships;
  • Secure investments abroad.

The program does not support travel for events, conferences, trade shows or trade missions.

Offers exposure to business opportunities around the world.

Up to CDN$4,000 in reimbursable expenses to help offset travel and accommodation costs. Companies landing at a co-working space, accelerator or incubator will also have workspace costs covered for up to three months.

nationalmarketing-activities technologiescanadian-digital-media-network
Startup Canada – Adam Chowaniec Memorial Fund for Global EntrepreneurshipVisit SiteNationalAll sectors, Marketing activitiesStartup Canada

Any Canadian-based entrepreneurs, groups and organizations that focus on international trade and wish to begin thriving on the international stage.

  • Trade missions;
  • Global ecosystems turns;
  • Soft start-up programs;
  • Export training;
  • Facilitation of international partnerships.

Strengthening of the export and international capability of entrepreneurs across Canada.

Nature of the assistance
Maximum grants of $3,000.

nationalall-sectors marketing-activitiesstartup-canada
Strategic Initiatives Fund (SIF)Visit SiteNew BrunswickAll sectors, Development activities, Marketing activitiesNew Brunswick Tourism, Heritage and Culture
  • Not-for-profit arts organizations and cultural associations;
  • Municipalities that have a cultural policy;
  • First Nations groups.

Assist arts and culture organizations with the implementation of initiatives that enhance growth, professionalism, and sustainable contributions to the cultural sector. 

Part 2: Provide visibility and export opportunity for New Brunswick’s arts and culture sector.

Market Access and Development

  • Assist professional arts organizations and cultural industries with costs associated with participating in domestic and international marketing and presentation opportunities;
  • Assist professional arts organizations and cultural industries with economic development activities that will further develop the applicant and the sector.


Nature of the assistance

Grants are limited to 50% of total eligible expenses. Grants are awarded based on project merit in accordance with criteria, the number of applicants and the available funds.

new-brunswickall-sectors development-activities marketing-activitiesnew-brunswick-tourism-heritage-and-culture
Versioning ProgramVisit SiteNationalDigital media, TelevisionCanada Media Fund

An eligible project is a television component and/or a digital media component that has received production financing support in any year from the Convergent Stream of the CMF. Funding may be provided for a television component alone, a digital media component alone, or both components together.

Versioning of Canadian productions (television component and/or digital media component).

The program is designed to both increase the reach of existing programming to Canadians through language versioning, and increase the revenue earned by Canadian producers through national and international sales.

Nature of the assistance
Television component:

  • The maximum contribution by the CMF shall be the lesser of the following amounts: 75% of eligible costs or the amounts provided in table 2.3.1 of the program guidelines.


Digital media component :

  • The maximum contribution by the CMF shall be 75% of eligible costs.
nationaldigital-media televisioncanada-media-fund
Western Canada Business Strategy Fund for Linear and Interactive Digital Media Production CompaniesVisit SiteAlberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, SaskatchewanDigital media, Marketing activitiesOn Screen Manitoba
  • Companies incorporated and operating in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, or Alberta with a successful a track record in the linear and/or interactive digital media industry. Applications also considered from British Columbia companies engaged in digital media content production for French language markets;
  • Applicants must be members (producers or production companies) in good standing of On Screen Manitoba, New Media Manitoba, the AMPIA or the SMPIA.

The program enables participating companies to access professional expertise in regard to strategic marketing initiatives projects that are outside normal business activities and that focus on international opportunities.

Eligible initiatives include: strategic planning, advertising and promotional activities, and the creation of corporate marketing materials such as websites and demo reels for international markets.

Provides linear and interactive digital  media production companies, from emerging to established, with support to increase their capacity, accelerate their growth and position them for success in the international markets.


Nature of the assistance

  • Covers 70% of the maximum total of eligible costs up to the amount approved by the jury;
  • Lifetime contributions may not exceed $30,000 per company;
  • Contribution can offset the following eligible expenses: consultant fees to develop or advise on the project (business consultant, publicist, strategist etc.);
  • Professional services required to execute the project (website creation, demo reel production, etc.).
alberta british-columbia manitoba saskatchewandigital-media marketing-activitieson-screen-manitoba