The Second Screen and Television – Production and Deployment

This report focuses on the development and deployment of second screen and social TV strategies and tactics.

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The third and last opus of the white papers series on The Second Screen and Television focuses on the development and deployment of these strategies. It is based on a practical approach and covers the issues of the costs of the various initiatives that could be implemented, the diversity of available technologies from which second screen producers have to choose from and the various interactive animation strategies and tactics which can be put in place.

It may be recalled that the the first part of this trilogy exposed the main lines of the second screen and Social TV phenomenon and that the second white paper dealt with the benefits and impacts of implementing a second screen strategy for producers and broadcasters. Together, this series’ three parts form a complete corpus that can be used to understand the second screen phenomenon, provide the necessary foundation to develop a multi-screen strategy and describe a large number of examples of successfully implemented initiatives to date.