Digital Media Tagging

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All CMF-funded rich and substantial digital media projects are required to report on audience reach and consumption metrics.

CMF Media Analytics (CMFMA) is interested in collecting behavior consumption, sales, media consumption and social media data on all platforms where the CMF-financed project title is exploited.

Online capable production projects funded within the following CMF Experimental Stream Programs are in scope.

  • Commercial Projects Program (C2P)
  • Innovation & Experimentation Program
  • Digital Linear Series Program (Short form serialized content)
  • Shaw Rocket Fund – web series program (Animated kids’ content)
  • International Incentive DM Production Programs

SDK, stand-alone tagging and third-party tagging must be implemented according to the nature of your digital media project.

Please note: In order to provide the additional reporting details outlined in the Digital Media Reporting – Summary of Changes Document (Social media consumption, Media (video) consumption and Sales (purchase) uploads), the project is required to have at least 1 active webpage to hook the script that enables the import of the additional data.

Based on the descriptions below, please find all of the documentation required to implement the Adobe Analytics tagging on your digital media project.

Important notice:

The tagging implementations listed are not complete without the insertion of your custom CMF “applicationId” and validation of it reporting correctly in the CMF-Adobe staging environment. CMF staff will advise if your project is ready to proceed to the CMF-Adobe production environment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

MM/DD/YYYY. The tool is designed to recognize and log dates from the raw data file and transpose it to the correct format.

The Data Sources Automation Guides clarify this under the ‘Variable Information’ section. Rows marked in blue will be automatically recognized by the tool, but there will be few values that will need to be updated manually.

If you have any questions, concerns or requests, please contact: [email protected].