Evaluation Juries

A jury of experts evaluates all projects that apply for production support through our Experimental Stream and Aboriginal Program, using a criteria-based evaluation process. Projects are selected for support based on the results of this process, and available funding.

The jury provides an external perspective on innovation, and assesses the experience of the production and creative teams on their capacity to deliver the projects submitted for funding.

Evaluation Process

Successful applications are determined using a selective process in reference to an evaluation grid. The four basic assessment criteria and their respective weightings for funding are:

  • Experience and past achievements of the production/development team
  • Innovation and advancement of the project
  • The business plan, including the viability of the project and the financial stability of the applicant
  • The distribution strategy

The jury does not evaluate applications for development and marketing support.

Carl Edwin Michel Thumbnail
Carl Edwin Michel
Toronto, Canada

Carl-Edwin is a tech and video game enthusiast. He is the founder and CEO of Northern Arena Productions, a TV and interactive production company, and Northern Arena inc one of Canada's biggest esports tournament organizers and the owner of Mirage esports an esports team organisation. Carl-Edwin Michel has also been reporting on the high-tech and gaming industry since 2009 as a freelance journalist, lecturer, radio and TV personality."

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Fabienne Fiorucci Thumbnail
Fabienne Fiorucci
Paris, France

Fabienne Fiorucci is the creative director of Dare.Win Paris. She started her career as a copywriter at Young&Rubicam, then TBWA/Paris. In 2014, she joined Dare.Win agency.Armed with several advertising awards from projects for Netflix, NBC Universal, and Spotify, she became a few years later creative director of the agency. Today, at the head of a creative department of some thirty talents, Fabienne cultivates and transmits her passion for ideas. The kind of ideas that are in line with users' needs. Ideas that enrich any experience, rather than cut into their daily lives. Whether they are local or universal, they must have an impact and create conversations that bring people together.

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  • Fiscal 2021 - 2022: Commercial Projects Program - Round 2
  • Fiscal 2017 - 2018: Commercial Projects Program - Round 1
Jen Goertzen Thumbnail
Jen Goertzen
Berlin, Germany

Jen Goertzen is VP UX at BRYTER and currently based in Berlin, Germany. She co-founded Caribou, a Canadian UX consultancy, in 2011. Over the course of her career, she has led and consulted with design and product teams across a wide range of industries including interactive retail experiences, secure messaging, classical music streaming, and no-code automation.

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  • Fiscal 2021 - 2022: Commercial Projects Program - Round 2
Nicholas Fortugno Thumbnail
Nicholas Fortugno
New York, USA

Nick Fortugno is a game designer and entrepreneur of digital and real-world games based in New York City, and a founder of Playmatics, a game development company. Playmatics has created a variety of digital and real-world games for organization including Red Bull, AMC (such as the CableFAX award winning Breaking Bad: The Interrogation), Disney, American Museum of Natural History, the Corporation of Public Broadcasting, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and the Red Cross/Red Crescent. For the past ten years, Fortugno has been a designer, writer and project manager on dozens of commercial and serious games, and served as lead designer on the downloadable blockbuster Diner Dash and the award-winning serious game Ayiti: The Cost of Life. Nick is also a co-founder of the Come Out and Play street games festival hosted in New York City and Amsterdam since 2006, and co-creator of the Big Urban Game for Minneapolis/St. Paul in 2003. Nick teaches game design and interactive narrative design at Parsons The New School of Design, and has participated in the construction of the school’s game design curriculum. He holds a BA in Literature and Philosophy from Purchase College and is currently completing his MFA in Design and Technology. Some of Nick’s writing about games can be found in the anthology Well-Played 1.0: Video Game, Value, and Meaning, published by ETC-Press.

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Yanick Roy Thumbnail
Yanick Roy
Montréal, Canada

After a dozen years in the software industry, first as a software engineer and then managing development teams, Yanick Roy joined BioWare in January 2006, early in the development cycle of Mass Effect. There, he led the production team on this project and on its sequel, Mass Effect 2, both universally acclaimed games. In early 2009, then as part of the larger EA family, he managed the creation of a new BioWare studio in Montréal that supported the development of Mass Effect 3, Dragon Age: Inquisition and Anthem, and led the development of Mass Effect: Andromeda. He then became the Senior Director of Operations of Motive Studios in 2017, overseeing projects such as Star Wars Battlefront II and Star Wars: Squadron.He has since gone back to the software industry, having joined Shopify in 2021 in a role of Director of Engineering Programs.

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  • Fiscal 2021 - 2022: Commercial Projects Program - Round 2