Evaluation Juries

The CMF routinely employs external experts to aid in decision-making for selective programs through an evaluation-based jury process. To provide an external perspective on the application materials submitted, the juries are comprised of working industry professionals who are experts in their field or genre. You can use the filters below to review who has served as a jury member in the past, and on which juries.

Evaluation Process

Following an initial review for eligibility conducted by internal staff, jury members are tasked with scoring each project against a set evaluation criteria. Each program has its own evaluation grid, specific to the needs and objectives of that program, but generally they include:

  • experience of the production or creative teams and their capacity to deliver;
  • an assessment of the creative content and/or innovation in the space;
  • narrative positioning statement;
  • business materials, including viability of the project and financial stability; and
  • a distribution and/or marketing strategy.

The highest scoring projects are compared against the available funding allocation for the program to determine the recipients for that round of funding.

If you wish to be considered to serve on a jury, please contact [email protected]. Prospective jurors are strongly encouraged to create a PERSONA-ID profile. The CMF uses self-identification information from PERSONA-ID to help select a diverse group that is reflective of the community served by the program. By providing your self-identification information to the CMF, you are deemed to consent to its use for such purposes, subject to the terms of the CMF’s Privacy Policy.

François Dominic Laramée Thumbnail
François Dominic Laramée
Montréal, Canada

François Dominic Laramée has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of video game and television development, as a producer, artificial intelligence specialist and actor. He has published four books about the industry and game design, some of which were translated into Korean, Polish and Russian. Holding a doctorate in history, since 2017 he has been teaching digital arts and humanities at the university level.

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Jennifer Lufau Thumbnail
Jennifer Lufau
Paris, France

Jennifer Lufau is actively engaged with inclusivity topics in the video game world. With her Afrogameuses association, she works for better professional integration and visibility of within the sector. Also a content creation expert, she is a Social Media Manager at Ubisoft and has strong experience in managing international communities.

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Juror Photo
Robert Rames
Victoria, Canada
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