Due to a high demand for the Development Program: Quebec French Regional Development and Predevelopment, the CMF will no longer be accepting applications for this program.

The Development Program supports projects at the development and pre-development stages.

While the Development Program includes funding mechanisms to reflect the diverse languages and regions of Canada, development funds have also been earmarked in our other programs as well. Therefore, producers developing Aboriginal-language content should refer to the Aboriginal Program Guidelines for more information; francophone producers outside of Quebec should refer to the Francophone Minority Program Guidelines, and producers located in Nunavut, Nunavik, the Yukon Territory or the Northwest Territories should refer to the Northern Incentive Guidelines.

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How To Apply

Applying for funding is easier than you might think. Carefully follow these steps to submit your application, and if you have any questions, please contact one of our program administrators.


Development Envelope (English & French)
First Opening DatePremière date d’ouvertureApril 11, 2017
First Closing DatePremière date limiteOctober 31, 2017
Final Closing DateDate limite finaleDecember 19, 2017
Quebec French Regional Development and Predevelopment
(First come, first served)
First Opening DatePremière date d’ouvertureMay 23, 2017
Final Closing DateDate limite finaleJanuary 09, 2018
English Regional Predevelopment Sub-Program
(First come, first served)
First Opening DatePremière date d’ouvertureMay 23, 2017
Second Opening DateDeuxième date d’ouvertureSeptember 05, 2017
Final Closing DateDate limite finaleJanuary 09, 2018

Submitting Your Application

All new application documents will be available following the launch of our 2018-2019 Guidelines.
(incl. Value-Added DM & Non-Funded DM)
Funded Digital Media
Broadcaster In-House Productions
Marketing & Promotion
Television and Digital Media
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New applicant? Read our tips on how to apply for CMF funding.
Questions? Contact your closest funding application office.

Documents for Approved Applications

If your application has been approved and you have received a Financing Agreement, applicants must visit our Approved Application Documents page to access and download additional materials, including Direct Deposit, Interim Financing, CMF logos and Phase II/Final Cost forms.

Documents for Approved Applications

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