Canada-Colombia digital media projects receive $300,000 in development funding

Toronto/Bogotá, August 24, 2017 - The Canada Media Fund (CMF), Proimágenes Colombia (Proimágenes) and MinTIC (Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications of Colombia) announced today results of their codevelopment financing incentive of nearly $300,000 for four interactive digital media projects through the Canada-Colombia Codevelopment Incentive for Web Series and Other Digital Media Projects.

The following projects will receive funding as part of this incentive.

Title Canadian applicant name Colombian applicant name Type of content CMF $ Proimágenes $
(approx. CAD$)
Collab Little Window Productions Viceversa Cine VR $45,067 $28,830
The Condor Saturn Animation Studios Inc. Signos Studio SAS Web series $39,322 $35,100
Garden of Vision Deep Inc. 4 Direcciones VR $34,493 $40,000
Kidnapped Signal Space Inc. Explora Films VR $31,118 $32,900

The program is designed to encourage creative producers from each country to collaborate on the development of digital projects by facilitating the creation of innovative pieces. By funding projects that use new technologies to tell culturally relevant stories, both countries demonstrate their continued support for original storytelling in the digital age.

Projects were evaluated and chosen by a selection committee composed of representatives from both funding organizations. Projects were required to be a collaboration involving at least one eligible Canadian producer and at least one eligible Colombian producer. 

About the Canada Media Fund
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About Proimágenes
PROIMÁGENES COLOMBIA is a non-profit organization, composed of public and private entities, that seeks to consolidate and strengthen the Colombian film industry. It does this by becoming a key arena for reaching agreements on public policy and film industry policies, and by establishing rules that bolster and promote the Colombian film industry.


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