Interactive Digital Media Reporting

Important Notice for Interactive Digital Media (IDM) Applicants  

To receive the proper reporting instructions that match your content type and hosting platform, applicants must complete the IDM Reporting Form below. This step is essential to ensure that IDM applicants follow the correct submission process.

Required Reporting for IDM Projects 

Before launching the IDM Project, IDM Applicants must contact the CMF to receive the proper reporting instructions. This action is a Milestone requirement within Dialogue. If a project does not comply, the project will be in default and final payment will be withheld until the milestone has been fulfilled. The IDM applicant must contact the CMF Program Administration team (CMFPA) at Telefilm if they wish to request an extension.

Reporting Process for Applicants and Third-Parties Hosting these IDM Projects 

According to the IDM contracts, IDM applicants (or 3rd parties hosting IDM Projects, on behalf of IDM applicants) must start reporting before or when they launch their project. Applicants must follow this process to fulfill their reporting obligations.

  • Step 1: Update the beta Milestone in Dialogue.
  • Step 2: Before the commercial release or live launch date of the IDM Project, fill out the following IDM Reporting Form.
    • Note: Based on the reporting form, the CMF will determine which project metrics to collect in the Success Report. Questions may include both qualitative and quantitative data. This data will be used to assess the impact of the CMF financing programs and is not directly linked to funding decisions.
  • Step 3: Submit a Gross Sales Report to CMFPA on February 1st and August 1st every year, for the periods ending on December 31st and June 30th, for the first thirty-six (36) months after receiving the Phase II Payment, and then yearly on February 1st for the year ending on December 31st for four (4) years.
    • Note: Applicants can access this through their Dialogue account. If applicants have forgotten their password or have trouble logging in, please contact: [email protected].
  • Step 4: Also submit a Success Report to the CMFPA at the same frequency indicated above for the Gross Sales Report.

We appreciate your cooperation.

The IDM Reporting Team

Interactive Digital Media Reporting Form

Within 10 days of filling out the form, you will receive an email containing the CMF Digital Analytics tracking ID and specific reporting instructions for your project.

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • (Providing the anticipated launch date will assist us in generating the proper tracking codes for your project. However, this does not absolve the project from meeting its DM Beta Stage requirement at Telefilm.)

    Please note: You are responsible for contacting [email protected] immediately after the project has been tagged in order for the CMF to validate that the tagging was successful.