Outreach & Consultation


The Canada Media Fund makes every effort to inform stakeholders on its funding programs and any changes that may occur from year to year. In addition to industry advisories, social media posts and formal and informal meetings across the country, the CMF holds webcasts on key issues such as changes to its guidelines. The CMF and the CMF Program Administrator, Telefilm Canada, welcome questions and feedback from stakeholders.


In order to ensure that valuable stakeholder opinion is considered by the Canada Media Fund when making policy decisions, the CMF consults with the Canadian production industry in a meaningful, formal, ongoing and inclusive manner.

The CMF conducts consultations with the industry as part of its policy development process in order to:

  1. Gain high-level stakeholder input into CMF planning and program development and design
  2. Be informed of emerging stakeholder issues and priorities
  3. Make fully informed policy decisions
  4. Maintain two-way communication between the CMF and its stakeholders
  5. Allow stakeholders to be part of, and understand, the CMF’s policy making process

Consultation Policy


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