CMF invests $16.8 million in 51 new interactive projects

July 5, 2011 (Toronto) – The Canada Media Fund (CMF) announced an investment of $16.8 million in 51 new innovative interactive projects. Those projects were submitted in the first round of its 2011-2012 Experimental Stream. The CMF offers financial assistance to support projects at various stages of their completion: production, development or marketing

In production, the CMF is investing $11.6 million in 22 new projects: 11 games, 5 interactive contents, 4 mobile applications, 1 interactive webseries and 1 application software. The average commitment to each project is $525,000. One project is being carried out in Alberta, 4 in British Columbia, 1 in Prince Edward Island, 1 in Nova Scotia, 11 in Ontario and 4 in Quebec.

In development, the CMF is investing $4.3 million in 25 projects. The average amount offered for each project is $171,000. Five will be developed in British Columbia, 1 in Prince Edward Island, 1 in New-Brunswick, 2 in Ontario, 15 in Quebec and 1 in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Finally, in terms of marketing assistance, the CMF is investing $1 million in 4 projects, with an average contribution of $262,000. One project is from British Columbia, 1 is from Ontario and 2 are from Quebec.

Projects were evaluated using the following criteria: innovation, production team, business plan and distribution strategy. Those criteria are detailed in the Evaluation Matrix included in our Experimental Stream’s Guidelines. For projects at the production stage, the innovation and production team criteria were assessed by a jury of Canadian and international industry specialists: Frank Boyd (London, UK), Gina Desjardins (Montreal), Dre Labre (Toronto), Lucie Lalumière (Toronto), Frédérik Lesage (London, UK), Michael J. Sikorsky (Calgary). The CMF would like to thank each one of them for their valuable work. The jury members’ bios can be downloaded here. The remaining factors for the production projects, as well as the applications for development and marketing funding, were evaluated by analysts from the CMF Program Administrator, Telefilm Canada. All decisions made by the CMF are final.

Since the creation of its Experimental Stream in 2010, the Canada Media Fund has invested $44 million in 132 innovative interactive projects.

To download the List of approved production projects, click here.

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