CMF publishes the Keytrends Report 2016 Mid-Year Update

Toronto, July 13, 2016 – The Canada Media Fund (CMF) announced today the publication of the Keytrends Report 2016 Mid-Year Update. While expanding on the topics introduced in the 2016 Keytrends Report: Entering the Age of Experience, this update provides an in-depth look at trends affecting the audiovisual industry in Canada and around the world.

The Keytrends Report Mid-Year Update further explores the premise that the industry has entered an age where the User Experience has become the leading factor in content creation and distribution. How individuals perceive, respond to and interact with the content they consume, is what’s driving the ever-growing connection and interdependence between content and technology.

This latest edition of the Keytrends Report analyses the trends that will impact the Canadian television and digital media industry through the lens of six overarching themes:

  • Always on: Bots as new conversational interfaces that facilitate content discovery and access.
  • Screen convergence: The growing thirst for online video that places increasing pressure on the telecommunications industry and internet service providers.
  • Transmedia: The route from virtual reality’s market launch to mass adoption
  • The power of many: The relationship between content and media consumption among younger generations.
  • Monetization: New digital distribution revenue models that allow prices to adjust to supply and demand.
  • The big and the agile: Legislative and regulatory responses to the growing influence of media giants.

To access and share the Keytrends Report 2016 Mid-Year Update click here. To learn more about the trends analysed in the report, read the blog post by Catalina Briceño.

CMF Keytrends Reports are published twice a year and can be accessed on the CMF Trends website along with a host of research reports the CMF publishes.

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