COVID-19 Production Industry Taskforce Survey

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented upheaval for the Canadian screen-based sector and is causing significant and ongoing financial disruptions for our industry.

To better understand and measure the impact of this crisis, representatives of Canada’s audiovisual industry have formed a taskforce. This group has partnered with Nordicity research group to develop a national survey that will help quantify the scope of the financial impact of the ongoing crisis.

This survey has been developed to capture the impact at an organizational level. We will share these results with government officials as they develop response packages for our industry. These steps must take place for our sector to recover quickly once the pandemic subsides. We count on your participation to succeed.

If you’re a television or film production company, please follow this link.

If you’re an interactive digital media production company, please follow this link.

Only one survey should be completed per organization, regardless of size. However, if your company produces both linear and interactive digital media content, please complete both surveys. The survey should be completed by someone with a clear sense of the overall financial and operational picture of your business.

To ensure the broad impact of this crisis on the overall screen-based sector is effectively captured, other members of the taskforce comprised of industry organizations from across the country are also sharing this survey and working to help collect the data. We apologize if you receive it more than a few times from other industry stakeholder organizations; however, we remind you it only needs to be complete once per company.

We ask that you please complete it as soon it’s convenient and submit by March 31.

Thank you for your contribution.

We wish you, your family and colleagues all the best during these difficult times.