New CMF Pilot Program to support the production of linear web series

Toronto, October 27, 2016 - The Canada Media Fund (CMF) announced today the launch of a new Pilot Program to support the production of Canadian linear Drama or Children’s and Youth web series in their second or subsequent season. Administered within the CMF’s Experimental Stream and with a budget of $2M, the Web Series Pilot Program is intended to meet the needs in the marketplace for linear content created for online consumption. Click here to access the Program’s Guidelines.

“Based on the current focus of existing funds, there is demand in the market for the support of successful web series after their first season,” stated Valerie Creighton, President and CEO, CMF. “Designed to be complimentary to existing funding options, this program also aligns with the CMF’s objective to provide validation of market interest after the first season and allows us to respond to the industry’s need for support of web series’ production.”

An eligible project under this Program must be a Canadian original, linear series in the CMF-supported genres of Drama or Children’s and Youth, created initially for the web, and in its second or subsequent season. As this is a new pilot program with a modest budget, the CMF is focusing efforts to fund productions in two of its supported genres; however, the CMF will evaluate the possibility of expanding the program in the future to also fund web series in other genres.

Eligible projects will be administered under a selective process and assessed according to an evaluation grid, which includes factors such as market interest, production team and creative elements. Funding of eligible projects will be provided in the form of a recoupable investment.

While eligible productions must initially be created for online distribution on platforms available to Canadian audiences, projects may subsequently be exploited on other platforms such as television, either in their original format or through the exploitation of derivative rights.

Successful applicants will receive funding in an amount appropriate to the needs of the project and subject to a maximum contribution of the lesser of 60 per cent of the project’s eligible costs or $250K.

The deadline to submit an application for funding under this program is January 17, 2017.

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