Submission dates for Versioning program and Convergent Digital Media Incentive

Toronto, June 20, 2017 - Almost all of the CMF’s programs have now been integrated into the new Dialogue platform.

However, a few programs are currently in the process of being migrated, including the Versioning program and the Convergent Digital Media Incentive.

To apply for the Convergent Digital Media Incentive, the Convergent - Production - Digital Media application form is currently available, however please do not indicate the amount requested for this incentive in the financial structure until June 28th. You will then be able to indicate the amount requested in the Financing section. You will have until July 4th to submit your application.

For the Versioning program, the application form will not be available before June 28th and applicants will not be able to indicate the CMF amount requested until July 4th. This program opens on July 4th.

We are aware that delays in the delivery of these programs may impact clients that are planning to apply. To facilitate the application process, we invite applicants to prepare in advance all the documentation required to submit an application. Follow this link to get a list of the required documents.

As a reminder, the documents submitted will be those analyzed for selective decision-making. Analysts will not ask for additional clarifications or further information. It is therefore crucial that the application be complete before submission.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the coordination team.