Thanks to the CMF, Canada’s video games industry soars to new heights

An article published on the Financial Post points to the growing significance of Canada’s multi-billion-dollar video games industry and the important role CMF—as well as TCS—play in fostering this growing sector. “The world owes a little bit of a debt to the Canadian government for what the Canada Media Fund has done in helping jump-start a lot of really amazing games,” said Seattle-based Chris Charla, director of Microsoft Corp.’s independent developer program for Xbox. “The government support for video games in Canada has been tremendous and the net result is that Canadian games are by far some of the best in the world.”

According to the Entertainment Software Association of Canada, the Great White North ranks third in the world for developing video games, behind the U.S. and Japan. Last year, the industry employed some 20,400 people in more than 470 studios across the country. This economic activity contributed an estimated $3 billion to the country’s GDP. Canada is known for its high connectivity and high mobile adoption rates and is now fast becoming a gaming powerhouse.