2012-2013 Industry Consultation

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) today announced details pertaining to its ongoing industry consultation process.  Given the adoption of multiyear Guidelines (for 2012-2013 and 2013-2014) last April, the CMF will not conduct a cross-country series of focus groups in 2012-2013.  Rather, the CMF will continue to invite the input and participation of all stakeholders through its on-line discussion forum, and make use of industry working groups and advisory committees to discuss specific policy issues.

The « Outreach and Consultation » section on the CMF website will keep you informed about the discussions at the various working groups and advisory committees.  All documents presented and discussed during the working groups and the advisory committee meetings, as well as the calendar of meetings, will be available for download.  You are invited to consult the updates on a regular basis and share your feedback on the revamped discussion forum.

This year’s consultation will continue to be primarily related to policy issues linked to the strategic objectives identified by the CMF’s Board of Directors as well as the ongoing imperative of simplification. 

Last May, the CMF launched its Digital Media Performance Measurement Framework, a tool designed to measure the performance of digital media projects funded through the CMF’s Convergent and Experimental Streams.  Since May 14, 2012, producers of funded projects have access to an online reporting form to report on audience and consumption data for funded projects.

One of the principal objectives of the framework is to establish the basis for digital media performance measurement, which would ultimately form part of the calculation of Performance Envelopes.

Accordingly, the CMF has identified the following issues for discussion and review by working groups or advisory committees. Members of the Working Groups and Advisory Committees will receive invitations to the meetings. Other sessions may be added subsequently as required.






August 29, 2012

From 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.


Performance Envelope
Television Projects -Working Group

This Working Group will examine the Performance Envelope Factors and Weights and underlying methodologies to be used for 2013- 2014 envelope calculations as pertains to television projects only, as well as potential incentives for smaller broadcasters that are not part of vertically integrated corporate groups.
It will also examine potential avenues to integrate on-demand viewing to CMF-funded projects via CRTC-licensed video on demand platforms and digital distribution via Canadian entities into Performance Envelope calculations.

September 27, 2012

From 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.


Performance Envelope
Digital Media Projects – Advisory Committee
Video on Demand – Advisory Committee

This Advisory Committee will examine potential avenues to integrate viewing to CMF-funded convergent digital media projects into Performance Envelope calculations. It will also examine currently available metrics, industry standards and best practices in VOD measurement for Performance Envelope calculations.

October 22, 2012



English Regional Development – Working Group

Following up on the discussions held over the past two years on the CMF's mechanisms to support the development and production of regional projects, this Working Group will examine proposals pertaining specifically to development.

October 31, 2012



Convergence Requirements – Working Group

Following up on the discussions held over the past two years, this Working Group will examine the various program requirements currently governing projects in the Convergent Stream as well as the incentives in place to support the production of convergent digital media projects.

November 1st, 2012



Social Media Metrics – Advisory Committee

This Advisory Committee will examine trends in measuring the impact of Social Media on consumption of CMF-funded digital media projects.  It will also examine the relevance of developing and integrating new Social Audience metrics to the existing DM Measurement Framework.