27 new interactive digital media projects receive more than $6.5M

(February 04, 2014, Toronto) A total of 27 new interactive digital media projects have received a combined total of $6.5M as part of the Canada Media Fund’s (CMF) Experimental Stream second round of funding for development and marketing support.

Marketing Support—8 interactive projects receive a total of $1.6M

4 games for adventurers, crime solvers, designers, and sports enthusiasts
With the help of an equipped chariot, adventure lovers will be able to navigate an unknown world filled with challenges and pesky treasure stealing creatures in Chariot. In Le Judas, crime solvers can help a detective capture the killer by playing an online game where players receive clues through text messages, emails, and phone calls. Follow Le Judas on its Facebook page and Twitter account. In Papercade, players construct the greatest arcade of all time by earning tokens which will help them purchase strategic pieces to build their paper empire. Find out more about Papercade through Facebook and Twitter. Hockey enthusiasts can now strategically build their own hockey league, teams and players, and compete in the ultimate championship to gain hockey glory in VLH: The Virtual Leagues of Hockey. Find out what the hockey league could look like on the game’s Facebook page.

Online platforms to engage with artists and to connect people together
Creatives will be able to engage with the imagination of their online audience to launch, manage, and measure highly engaging interactive fan-art contests at a low cost in ComicReply. In a hyper-connected world, 2life consolidates communication between two people who can manage shared lists and a calendar; send text messages; share photos, a journal and more. Follow 2life on its Facebook page and Twitter account.

Applications for music lovers and budding film makers
With the help of Rithm, users will be able to send songs personalized with videos, photos and dancing emojis to their friends. The application provides the music industry with an innovative new platform to engage directly with fans, distribute and promote material and monetize music sharing. Learn more about Rithm on its Facebook page and Twitter account.

Game developers, film professionals, hobbyists and Machinima film makers will be able to create dynamic, cinematic cut scenes/sequences and previews for their creative projects with Cinema Suite, a software extension to Unity3D.  See how far you can stretch your imagination by following Cinema Suite on Facebook and Twitter.

For additional information on these funded projects, including synopsis, producers, regions and funding commitments, please visit the funded projects page on the CMF website by clicking here.

Development support—19 projects receive a total of $4.9M
A total of 19 Canadian companies have received support totaling $4.9M for ten games, eight interactive content platforms, and one social media platform. The 19 companies are located in various regions of the country, - three in British Columbia, two in Nova Scotia, six in Ontario, and eight in Québec.

For a complete list of projects having received development support, including funding commitments, please visit the funded projects page on the CMF website by clicking here.

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