Canada–Wallonia Digital Media Incentive for Multiplatform Projects now accepting applications

Toronto, April 9, 2018 - The Canada Media Fund (CMF) and Wallimage, the audiovisual development agency of Wallonia, Belgium, today announced the opening of the Canada–Wallonia Digital Media Incentive for Multiplatform Projects. The renewal of this initiative, for a period of three years, was announced by the two funding agencies during the Belgian State Visit to Canada last March. This is the fourth time the two agencies collaborate to offer this incentive. Please click here to access the guidelines.

The incentive encourages the codevelopment and coproduction of digital media projects involving Canadian producers and Walloon producers. With an annual budget of $600K (approximately €375,000), this program will provide up to $100K (approximately €63,000) in funding for each of two projects at the development stage and $400K (approximately €250,000) for the production of one project. Each of the funding organizations will provide about half of the program’s total budget.

To be eligible, projects must offer interactive or immersive digital content; be innovative, experimental or avant-garde in terms of content, technology or methods of delivery and use; and be created on an appropriate platform.

For this fourth edition of the Canada-Wallonia Incentive, the two funding agencies are partnering with Pôle Media Grand Paris, which will be a logistical partner, providing support for projects in development.

Since the Canada–Wallonia Digital Media Incentive was launched in 2014, five projects have received funding for a total investment of $1.5 million. For further information about projects funded by the CMF, view the database of funded projects by clicking here.

About the Canada Media Fund
The Canada Media Fund (CMF) supports the creation and promotion of popular and innovative Canadian content, as well as of innovative software for current and emerging digital platforms. CMF guides Canadian content towards a competitive global digital environment by fostering industry innovation, rewarding success, enabling a diversity of voices and promoting access to content through partnerships with industry and the private sector. To learn more, visit

About Wallimage
Wallimage is the public financing arm of the audiovisual sector in Wallonia. Mainly recognized for supporting local talent and bringing topflight international co-productions to Wallonia, the funding agency is also active in financing audiovisual service companies based in southern Belgium. Wallimage was one of the founding partners of Creative Wallonia, a catalyst program that provides a platform for investing in the development of new creative digital industries. To learn more, visit

About Pôle Media Grand Paris
Pôle Media Grand Paris ( is the French business cluster for the audiovisual sector in the Greater Paris region. Its collaborative network comprises 120 members, including 95 businesses and 16 training and research organizations involved in the creation, production, broadcast, distribution, archiving and funding of interactive and immersive digital content. It is active in funding (Prêt d’Honneur Image), innovation (including Labo, an incubator for creative digital projects), training, international development (Global Content Alliance, a European project) and environmental responsibility (ECOPROD).


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