Canadian Children and Youth multiplatform projects shine at MIPJunior 2013

Cannes, October 6, 2013 - The Canada Media Fund (CMF) today featured Canada’s leading-edge and innovative transmedia series, games, software and mobile applications produced specifically for children and youth.  Canadian projects were presented as part of a showcase organized by the CMF and Telefilm Canada to highlight Canadian content and talent at MIPCOM 2013.

The CMF’s President and CEO, Valerie Creighton, presented a special screening of seven outstanding and diverse projects representative of Canada’s creative screen-based industry geared towards the youth market.

Last year alone, the CMF committed a total of $60,5 million to 82 productions targeting the children’s and youth market, presented on television or developed for digital platforms. This represents 18.7% of the CMF’s support of the Canadian television and digital media industry.

A Selection of Canada’s Top Multiplatform Children’s and Youth Productions

  1. Les Jumelles (The Twins) produced by Balestra is a youth series aimed at 9- to 12-year-olds. Two teams of 13- to 15-year-olds go head-to-head in a thrill-filled rally that will teach them about the history and geography of a French-speaking community in Ontario.
  2. In Real Life produced by Apartment 11 (TV) and Secret Location (DM) is a television show for 12 to 14 years olds who compete doing extreme adult jobs like flying planes and performing surgery. Playing online or on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, viewers virtually vote to control the narrative of a final webisode.
  3. Shuyan the Kung Fu Princess produced by Mark Animation is a multi-platform story in which Shuyan, a kind-hearted Chinese princess with an explosive temper, is trapped in a foreign land. She must gain the acceptance of a wise teacher and discover the essence of true kung fu if she is to ever return home.
  4. The Next Step produced by Temple Street Productions (TV) and Secret Location (DM) follows the lives of a group of elite dancers at The Next Step Dance Studio. The team of dancers train, rehearse, and hang out together within a social order led by star dancer Emily and the E-Girls that are currently used to running the studio.
  5. Fée Éric (Fairy Éric) produced by the LP8 Média is the story of Beatrice who has the most unlikely thing in the world fall into her life: Eric, a “fairy Godmother!” And even though Beatrice thinks it might be very useful to have a magical friend, she soon discovers that Eric isn’t the most gifted fairy on the planet.
  6. Tiny Brains produced by Spearhead Games is an insane action co-op puzzle game, in which players play as genetically-modified rodents trying to escape the tests of a nefarious mad scientist. To overcome the challenges set forth by the evil scientist, players will need to work together and combine their powers!
  7. Bramble Berry Tales produced by Rival Schools is the story of mischievous Lily who sneaks out of bed after which her Mooshum shares a cautionary tale filled with foreboding surprises. The audience will join Lily and Thomas on a new adventure based on the oral traditions of the sásq’et (sasquatch).

All of these projects can be viewed on, a website designed to showcase and celebrate Canada’s creative talents and screen-based productions from television productions to games, web content, and software and applications.

Canadian partners at MIPCOM
The promotion of Canadian content at MIPCOM 2013—which includes a presentation of multiplatform projects, a panel, networking activities as well as communication and marketing strategies—was made possible thanks to the generous collaboration of a host of partners, namely the Canadian Tourism Commission, Entertainment One, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Rogers Broadcasting, the Directors Guild of Canada and the Canadian Media Production Association as well as several of the provincial funding agencies

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