CMF invests over $6.1M in 31 Canadian innovative digital media projects

Toronto, August 1, 2018 – The Canada Media Fund (CMF) announced today an investment of more than $6.1M in prototyping and marketing support to 31 innovative, Canadian digital media projects as part of the first round of funding in the Experimental Stream’s 2018-2019 Innovation Program.

The CMF has contributed more than $89.9M in prototyping and marketing support to 412 interactive digital media projects since the Experimental Stream was created in 2010.

Prototyping support

A total of 21 Canadian projects received support totaling $3.7M to create prototypes of 17 games, one rich interactive media, and three software applications. Click here to access a list of new projects that received prototyping support.

Prototyping support provides funding for the early stages of building a product in order to demonstrate its intended functionalities and design. Specifically, this phase is form Experimenting, testing and validating different concepts and hypotheses to arrive at a first at a first functional prototype.

Marketing support

The CMF will invest $2.4M in marketing support to 10 interactive digital media projects including five games, two rich interactive media and three software applications. Click here to access a list of projects that received marketing support.  

Marketing support provides funding for the marketing and promotion of an eligible project such as the creation of national and international marketing campaigns, design costs, creation and market-testing of advertising, use of the Internet for promotion or transactions, and more.

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