CMF launches research on crowdfunding

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) announced today, at the Grow Conference in Vancouver, the launch of a new study titled Crowdfunding in a Canadian Context: Exploring the Potential of Crowdfunding in the Creative Content Industries.

The CMF's mandate is to support the television and digital media industry through funding as well as through commissioning research on current and upcoming trends that shape the screen-based industry and disseminating industry intelligence via various channels including its blog, Trendscape.

Crowdfunding has experienced a recent boom in Europe and North America, primarily driven by recent multi-million dollar record-breaking successes on platforms in the US and there is a demand for crowdfunding among Canadian creative content creators, especially independent producers.

The CMF commissioned this study to provide both a meta-perspective on the global phenomenon of crowdfunding as related to the creative content industries, and also a micro analysis to understand how producers are considering crowdfunding as a financing mechanism and how practices and regulations in Canada impact this potential. Through numerous interviews, case studies and secondary research, Nordicity, producers of the study, explored the opportunities and barriers regarding the regulatory, financial, social and operational deployment of crowdfunding within the Canadian creative content environment.

For more about CMF industry intelligence and to access this study, please click here.

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