CMF provides $4M in funding to 54 companies through our Slate Development Pilot Program 

Toronto, June 22, 2023 – The Canada Media Fund (CMF) is announcing an investment of $4,050,000 in 54 audiovisual production companies by way of our Slate Development Pilot Program (SDPP). Each recipient will receive $75,000 to develop a maximum of three projects.  

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Recipients of SDPP funding in fiscal 2021-2022 are requested to submit final reports for the first year of the pilot program by June 30, 2023. For any questions, please contact the CMF Program Administrator at [email protected] 

The Slate Development Pilot Program offers more flexibility to eligible applicants and allows them to choose and fund their development projects without the requirement of an attached Canadian broadcaster or other triggering entity. In fiscal year 2022-2023, the CMF widened the program’s reach by offering an additional, selective access point with more flexible eligibility criteria for companies that are owned and controlled by individuals who identify as First Nations, Inuit, Métis, or members of racialized communities.  

34 companies will be developing projects in English, and 20 in French. The following companies have received funding:  

Selective allocation, English language 

  • Circle Blue Films Inc.  
  • Hungry Eyes Media Inc.  
  • Mosaic Entertainment Inc.  
  • Little Engine Moving Pictures Inc.  
  • Eagle Vision Inc. 
  • Rezolution Pictures International Inc.  
  • Fathom Film Group Ltd.  
  • Wabung Anung Films Ltd.  
  • Taqqut Productions Inc.  
  • Karma Film Inc.  
  • Big Bad Boo Studios Inc. 
  • Kistikan Pictures Inc. 

Selective allocation, French language 

  • Pimiento médias Inc. 
  • Les Productions Nadiaz Inc. 
  • Terre Innue Inc. 
  • Productions Prestigo 
  • Wookey Films Inc. 
  • Kassiwi Média Inc. 

Automatic allocation, English language 

  • Anaid Productions Inc. 
  • 6710875 Canada inc. (Nish) 
  • Catbird Productions Inc. 
  • Arcadia Entertainment Inc. 
  • Banger Films Inc. 
  • Bunbury Films Inc. 
  • Network Productions Inc. 
  • Cineflix Media Inc. 
  • Cream Productions Inc. 
  • Fahrenheit Films Incorporated 
  • Copper Quartz Media Inc. (Wild Kitchen NWT Ltd.) 
  • Grand Passage Media Inc. 
  • Little Bear Big Wolf Pictures Corp. 
  • Q Films Inc. 
  • Redcloud Studio's Inc.  
  • Score G Production Films Inc. 
  • Wild Seasons Media Inc. 
  • YAP Films Inc. 
  • Beachwood Canyon Productions, Inc 
  • Image-In Atlantic Inc 
  • LoCo Motion Pictures Inc. 

Automatic allocation, French language 

  • 9386-5699 Québec inc. 
  • DBCom Media Inc. 
  • Les Productions St Laurent Inc. 
  • Groupe Fair-Play Inc. 
  • Groupe Lustitia Inc. 
  • Les Productions Rivard Inc. 
  • Films du Rapide-Blanc Inc. 
  • Productions Eureka! Inc. 
  • CarpeDiem Film & TV Inc. 
  • Happy Camper Média inc. 
  • Manito Média Inc. 
  • Productions Avenida inc. 
  • Productions Salambo Inc. 

About the Canada Media Fund 
The Canada Media Fund (CMF) fosters, develops, finances, and promotes the production of Canadian content for all audiovisual platforms. In addition, it guides Canadian content towards a competitive global digital environment by supporting industry innovation, rewarding success, promoting diversity of voices, and encouraging access to content through public- and private-sector partnerships. The CMF receives funding from the Government of Canada and from cable, satellite, and IP service distributors across the country. Visit the CMF's website for more information. 

Industry contact 

Mireille Darveau 
Director, French content 
[email protected] 

Media contact 

Maxime Ruel 
Senior Manager, Communications 
[email protected]