SODEC and the CMF to Support 15 Pre-Development Projects for Television Series Based on Literary Adaptations of Quebec Works

Montreal, September 21, 2020 – The film and television production branch of the Société de développement des entreprises culturelles (SODEC), in collaboration with the Canada Media Fund (CMF), will support 15 projects under its assistance program for the pre-development of television series based on literary adaptations of Quebec works, following the July 17 announcement.

The 15 projects to be supported by SODEC and the CMF are:

Fiction TV series

La canicule des pauvres
Screenwriter: Éric Piccoli
Production: Films Babel inc.
Based on La canicule des pauvres by Jean Simon Desrochers, Les Herbes rouges

Screenwriter: Nathalie Roy
Production: Encore Télévision inc.
Based on La vie épicée de Charlotte Lavigne by Nathalie Roy, Groupe Librex

Docteure Irma
Screenwriters: Ghyslaine Côté and Claude Landry
Production: Les Productions Megafun inc.
Based on Docteure Irma by Pauline Gill, Les Éditions Québec Amérique

Screenwriters: Joseph Hillel and Stanley Péan
Production: Gestion Avanti Ciné Vidéo inc.
Based on Nom de code: Mao: Parcours du premier policier haïtien à Montréal by Édouard Anglade, Les Éditions du C.I.D.I.H.C.A

Screenwriter: Anie Pascale
Production: Amalga Créations Télé inc.
Based on Elsie by Catherine Francoeur, Groupe Ville-Marie Littérature

Le gazon
Screenwriter: Amélie Dubois
Production: Productions Pixcom inc.
Based on Le Gazon... toujours plus vert chez le voisin? and Le Gazon... plus vert de l’autre côté de la clôture? by Amélie Dubois, Les Éditeurs réunis

Manuel de la vie sauvage
Screenwriters: Jean-Philippe Baril Guérard and Christian Laurence
Production: Productions KOTV inc.
Based on Manuel de la vie sauvage by Jean-Philippe Baril Guérard, Les Éditions de Ta Mère

Les maudits
Screenwriter: Edith Kabuya
Production: 9215-8534 Québec inc.
Based on Les Maudits by Edith Kabuya, Éditions de Mortagne

Tu peux toujours courir
Screenwriter: Valérie Chevalier
Production: DATSIT Sphère inc.
Based on Tu peux toujours courir by Valérie Chevalier, Éditions Hurtubise

Documentary series

Le gangster et le ministre
Screenwriter: Daniel Proulx
Production: Anémone Films inc.
Based on Les trois colombes by Dorval Brunelle, VLB éditeur

Sagesse en deux temps
Screenwriters: Joséphine Bacon and Pascale Ferland
Production: RF2 Productions
Based on Uiesh  ̶ Quelque part by Joséphine Bacon, Un thé dans la toundra by Joséphine Bacon, Nous sommes tous des sauvages by José Acquelin and Joséphine Bacon, and Bâtons à message by Joséphine Bacon, Mémoire d’encrier

Children’s animation series

Les apprentis scientifiques
Screenwriters: Olivier Bernard and Marie-Ève Belleau-Bérubé
Production: Écho Média Productions 3 inc.
Based on Le petit garçon qui posait trop de questions by Olivier Bernard, Éditions les Malins

Le brunissement des baleines blanches
Screenwriter: Marie-France Landry
Production: CarpeDiem Film & TV inc.
Based on Le brunissement des baleines blanches and Jo Groenland et la route du nord by Boucar Diouf, Les Éditions La Presse

Les expériences de Mini-Jean
Screenwriters: Robin Balzano, Alexandra Larochelle and Louis Patalano
Production: Happy Camper Média inc.
Based on Les expériences de Mini-Jean by Alex A., Presses Aventures

Screenwriters: Anne-Marie Perrotta and Sylvie Rochon
Production: Apartment 11 Productions inc.
Based on Olga et le machin qui pue and other titles in the series by Elise Gravel

SODEC’s mandate is to promote and support the development of cultural enterprises both in and outside Quebec in the following sectors: film and television production, books and publishing, fine arts and crafts, and in music and variety shows. It also has a mandate to protect and enhance a heritage real estate portfolio of 32 buildings that reflect the Quebec identity.

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Johanne Morissette
Director of Communications, SODEC
[email protected]

André Ferreira
Senior Communications Manager, CMF
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