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Every applicant receiving funding from the CMF for a production or project must provide the CMF with credit (please see your agreement for more details).
The CMF also receives credit when supporting industry partnerships within Canada and internationally.

Here are the English, French and bilingual versions of the CMF logo as well as the Logo Usage Guidelines.
Please refer to the following guidelines to ensure the proper use of the CMF logo.

CMF Logo Usage Guidelines
CMF Logo Usage Guidelines - Appendix


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CMF Trends


CMF Trends is a fully bilingual website developed by the Canada Media Fund (CMF) that provides in-depth analyses of the transformations underway in the world of digital media and technology. The website is intended to be an information curator that filters news and synthesizes all of the noise generated by the overabundance of available data.

CMF Trends Logo Usage Guidelines


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About the Canada Media Fund

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) fosters, develops, finances and promotes the production of Canadian content and applications for all audiovisual media platforms. The CMF guides Canadian content towards a competitive global environment by fostering industry innovation, rewarding success, enabling a diversity of voice and promoting access to content through public and private sector partnerships. The CMF receives financial contributions from the Government of Canada and Canada’s cable, satellite and IPTV distributors. Please visit

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André Ferreira
Canada Media Fund
Communications Manager
[email protected]


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