Canadian Children and Youth multiplatform productions featured at MIPJunior 2014

Cannes, October 11, 2014 - The Canada Media Fund (CMF) today featured some of Canada’s innovative transmedia projects produced specifically for children and youth.  Six projects were presented by the CMF’s President and CEO, Valerie Creighton, at a special screening organized by the CMF and Telefilm Canada to highlight Canadian content and talent at MIPCOM 2014.

“One of the greatest challenges facing all of us is the extent to which children and youth have become a demanding media savvy audience,” says Valerie Creighton, President and CEO, CMF. “More than any other audience, it is children and young people who are truly the ‘multi-screen generation’ embracing the multi-functionality of devices to engage in multiple forms of screen-viewing. They are hyperconnected and always on.”

Since 2010, the CMF has contributed more than $230 M dollars in funding to 319 Children’s & Youth productions, generating $919.5M in production budgets.

Canada’s multiplatform Children’s and Youth productions featured at MIPJunior

  1. Dino Dan, produced by Sinking Ship Entertainment, follows the adventures of eleven year-old Dan Henderson, a paleontologist-in-training. Dan uses his vivid imagination to turn an everyday situation into an adventure, uncovering clues about the past and secrets of the dinosaurs.
  2. Camp Lakebottom, produced by 9 Story Media Group, follows a group of kids as they set out for what turns out to be the most dangerous summer camp one can imagine. McGee and his friends Gretchen and Squirt must deal with the camp director and the counselors who are monsters, the lake which is aptly called Ickygloomy and the forest creatures which are mutants.
  3. Guardians Evolution, produced by Karma Films Inc. and Blue Hill Productions, depicts the adventures of a group of idealistic teens, of various indigenous descents who have been raised from embryos by robots in an underground bunker as they venture out into a world vastly different from what we know today.
  4. Les Argonautes, produced by PIXCOM, is a story set in the year 2175, of six kids and their family who embark on a first journey into the universe aboard a spacecraft named Argo. During their travels, they meet fascinating extraterrestrials and space pirates and discover a gigantic black hole threatening the Galaxy's planets and a mysterious white sphere left behind by a long lost civilization.
  5. The Stanley Dynamic, produced by Amaze Film and Television with animation by 9 Story Media Group, follows the Stanleys, a normal family with 14-year-old twin sons, Luke and Larry. They are identical except for one small detail: Luke was born animated.  And here’s another twist: the family’s adventures are chronicled in Dad’s online comic strip called The Stanley Dynamic.
  6. Time Tremors, produced by Xenophile Media, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and the People’s Republic of Animation, illustrates Max and Medie’s travels through time in search of the lost Time Treasures. These incredible objects offer the only hope of defeating the greatest force of evil in the entire universe – a high school biology teacher known as Miss Bugly.

The CMF is pleased to be part of a diverse funding ecosystem in Canada that supports Children’s and Youth programming.  A total of 28 organizations have also supported one or more projects presented as part of this screening at MIPJunior.

All of these projects can be viewed on, a website designed to showcase and celebrate Canada’s creative talents and screen-based productions from television productions to games, web content, and software and applications.

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