CMF announces over $1.1M investments in codevelopment and coproduction with Germany, Luxembourg and Northern Ireland

Toronto, January 29, 2020 – The Canada Media Fund (CMF), in partnership with three international funding organizations, today announced they will invest over CAD$1.1M in the codevelopment and coproduction of eight projects which applied for funding through CMF international incentives with Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg (MBB), Film Fund Luxembourg (FFL) and Northern Ireland Screen (NIS).

The three international funding organisations will approximately match the CMF’s total investments of CAD$639K in codevelopment and coproduction investments.

Through the Canada-Germany Digital Media Incentive, CMF and MBB are investing CAD$390K in the codevelopment of two digital media projects. The two organizations started their partnership in 2017-2018 and have since invested just under CAD$1.2M in nine projects, including this round of funding.

Project Canadian Applicant German Applicant CMF CAD$ MBB CAD$ (approx.)
Assemble & Attack Game Pills Inc. Thoughtfish GmbH $118,484 $112,494
Colour of the Wind VR Tortuga Films Inc. Alias Film GmbH $106,516 $52,497

This is the second year CMF partnered with Film Fund Luxembourg to fund codevelopment and coproduction projects between Canadian and Luxembourger producers. The two organizations will invest CAD$589K in the following two digital media projects, one at the development stage and the other in production.

Project Canadian Applicant Luxembourger Applicant CMF CAD$ FFL CAD$ (approx.)
The Dollhouse Zazie Films Inc. Focusart $47,450 $47,450
Wild Cities Jam3 Inc. a_BAHN $297,264 $196,698

CMF and Northern Ireland Screen have since 2018-2019 invested CAD$400K in the codevelopment of eight television projects. Through this round of funding, both organizations will invest an additional CAD$157K in four projects.

Project Canadian Applicant N.I. Applicant CMF CAD$ NIS CAD$ (approx.)
#IBelieveHer Plausible Commn. Corp. Wee Buns Films $17,364 $29,580
Loss Uppercut Creative Inc. Controvert Ltd. $18,750 $23,925
Mimi infinity Productions Sardine inc. FlickerPix Animations $18,931 $19,665
Woods Music Orange Iceberg Inc. Sonas Productions (NI) Ltd. $11,813 $17,400

Projects were evaluated and chosen by selection committees composed of representatives from CMF and each of its international funding partners.

About the Canada Media Fund
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About Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg
Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg is the main institution for the film and media industry in the German capital region. The Media Development division represents Berlin-Brandenburg as a key media location in Germany at international markets and festivals, provides market research and analysis and organizes networking events. The department funds media-related projects, serial formats as well as the development of innovative and interactive content in the games, web, and virtual reality categories. The Film Funding division provides funding for films, serial drama and film-related projects, advises filmmakers on financing issues, and supports the development of the film industry.

About Film Fund Luxembourg
Film Fund Luxembourg encourages and promotes the development of the audiovisual production sector in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg through grants, financial assistance, subsidies, bursaries and rewards. The support mechanism for the audiovisual industry is a selective system of advances on earnings called “Selective Financial Aid” (SFA) for scriptwriting, concepts and development, as well as for the production of short and feature films, fiction and animated television series, documentaries and projects in the areas of transmedia, virtual and augmented reality, and other new technologies.

About Northern Ireland Screen
Northern Ireland Screen is the government-backed lead agency in Northern Ireland for the film, television and games industries, driving global growth through boosting our economy, celebrating our culture and enhancing our children’s education.


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