Innovation and Promotion Benefiting Second Screen

Release of the third and final report in the series Second Screen and Television co-published by Evolumedia Group and the Canada Media Fund

Montréal, August 22, 2013 — Broadcasters, producers and their advertising partners who invest in research and development, as well as in extensive promotion of their second screen apps, will benefit the most from this rapidly growing market. This is just one of the conclusions to be found in The Second Screen and Television — Production and Deployment, which completes a series of white papers exploring the second screen phenomenon and interactive TV apps.

After the first two papers that study the growth perspectives, benefits and impacts of various initiatives employing second screen to complement TV shows, this final entry takes a look at the most innovative practices in the areas of production, deployment and optimization of second screen installments and social components. Through these innovations, TV fans can live an extended, enriched experience that goes far beyond broadcasts.

Citing several concrete examples, the report also concludes that:

  • The second screen market has moved substantially from the monetization phase to the retention phase
  • Second screen is offering a growing number of exclusive opportunities for sponsorship and branding for partners
  • Advertisers are increasingly interested in geolocated behavioural data generated in real time by second screen technologies
  • Premium second screen applications are currently among the most profitable second screen business models generating the most economic benefits.

“This third report is a concrete culmination for anyone interested in second screen and considering a deployment in the short or medium term,” explains Gilbert Ouellette, Evolumedia Group CEO. “Readers will better understand the ground-level strategies of stakeholders in the added-value chain and learn from practical examples of applications associated with various types of television content in Canada and elsewhere.”

“The complete Second Screen and Television series of research reports is an invaluable tool for producers and television broadcasters who want to develop a multi-screen strategy. The three volumes cover everything needed to understand the concept of second screen, related costs and opportunities to do business and build partnerships between producers, television broadcasters, and advertisers,” notes Catalina Briceno, Director of Industry and Market Trends for the Canada Media Fund.

The Second Screen and Television — Production and Deployment white paper is available in Canada in English and in French on Canada Media Fund’s website. Initiated in 2012, this series is a co-publication of Evolumedia Group and the Canada Media Fund, in collaboration with the Société de développement des entreprises culturelles (SODEC).

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