Strong Demand for CMF Experimental Stream Funding

Innovative Projects Seek $90 million

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) today announced that the future of content and content delivery in Canada is being bolstered by home grown innovation, as evidenced by the strong demand for funding through the CMF's Experimental Stream. Applications submitted for funding by the first deadline, July 5, 2010, vastly exceeded the $16.2 million available at this round. Over 250 applicants have requested almost $90 million to support 120 production ($57 million requested), 112 development ($25 million requested), and 21 marketing ($8 million requested) projects. First round applicants represent all regions of Canada, and their projects include console, PC, and online games; alternate reality games; websites and webportals; webseries; mobile applications; software applications; and more.

"We are truly impressed by the vast quantity and diversity of projects submitted thus far," said Valerie Creighton, President and CEO of the CMF. "The demand for funding from the CMF's Experimental Stream by pioneering Canadians reflects the demand by Canadians for innovative content and content delivery and points to the need for financial support for these types of projects."

The CMF also announced details regarding the process it has implemented to evaluate applications to the Experimental Stream. As published in the 2010-2011 CMF Experimental Stream Guidelines, projects will be assessed on the following factors: innovation (40%), production team (15%), business plan (30%), and distribution strategy (15%). For production projects, the innovation and production team factors, comprising a total of 55% of the assessment, will be evaluated by a jury of Canadian and international industry experts. All remaining factors for production applications, plus all development and marketing applications, will be assessed by CMF Program Administration analysts at Telefilm Canada.

Applications received by the first deadline, July 5, 2010, are currently under evaluation and decisions will be announced in early October. Of the $27 million in funding available through this stream, 60% will be disbursed in the first round and 40% in the second. As a result of the high demand experienced in the first round, the second and final deadline for applications is being extended from October 4 to November 12, 2010. All decisions made by the CMF will be considered final.