The Canada Media Fund champions Canada’s children’s and youth trailblazers at MIPJunior 2012 Edition

Cannes, October 7, 2012 - The Canada Media Fund (CMF) today featured Canada’s leading-edge and innovative transmedia series, games, software and mobile applications made specifically for children and youth.

The Canada Media Fund’s Catalina Briceno, Director of Industry and Market Trends presented a special screening of ten outstanding projects representative of Canada’s creative screen-based industry geared towards the youth market.

Last year alone, the CMF committed a total of $79 million to 128 projects targeting the children’s and youth market,  presented on television or developed for digital platforms.  This represents 23% of the CMF’s support of the Canadian television and digital media industry.

“These popular projects highlight the creativity of Canadian media producers and confirm Canada’s leadership role in the screen-based industry”, said Catalina Briceno. “It was tough to make a selection amongst the many youth and children projects that are of such great interest to Canadians and the international community.”

The screening is being presented as part of MIPCOM’s Canada, Country of Honour celebration, presented by the CMF and Telefilm Canada, which will run throughout MIPJunior (Oct. 6-7) and MIPCOM (Oct. 8-11).

A Selection of Canada’s Top Multiplatform Productions

  1. The Degrassi Mobile Game produced by Epitome Pictures is a “choose your own adventure” interactive storytelling experience. Using cutting-edge technology, players interact as students with the locations and characters of the much loved Degrassi television series.
  2. Kibooco produced by Kibooco Interactive Inc is an online hub for children to build and publish their own books. Fusing the endless possibilities of technology with the timeless tradition of storytelling, this platform allows children to write, illustrate and customize stories.
  3. Skatoony Interactive produced by Marblemediainvites young people to expand their experience of the popular television series of the same name.  Young people can choose from games including the multi-player Skatoony Home Game, which is embedded in an avatar environment with fun animation and sound effects.
  4. i Learn With produced by Tribal Nova is the first of its kind: a, game-based school readiness program for preschool children. Powered by a groundbreaking technology, the program tracks the child’s success rate across a full breadth of subjects.
  5. Tactik produced by the Vivavision with Turbulent and Frima Studios permits young people to expand their television experience of the popular series of the same name.  Young people can participate in on-line games, chats and have fun for hours while developing cognitive abilities.
  6. Mr Young Drop Deck produced by Thunderbird Films allows young people to build their official Mr. Young collection of video and galleries in the form of digital trading cards.  This new form of interaction with content is defining a new social ecosystem for digital content distribution. 
  7. Cosmocamp produced by Frima Studio stimulates the minds and imaginations of toddlers and preschoolers with an interactive storybook and coloring book. These applications provide a galactic adventure for children keeping them entertained while they learn.
  8. Mixmania produced by Zone 3 with Turbulent provides an enriching transmedia experience, allowing young people to delve into the Mixmania television universe. One-on-one’s, group outings and interviews with special guests are waiting to satisfy the curiosity and interest of Mixmaniacs.
  9. Heartland Ranch Social Game produced by Seven 24 Films with Overinteractive is a Facebook extension of CBC’s popular television series Heartland, where young people run their own virtual horse ranch. This social game engages young people with its unique transmedia experience.
  10. My Singing Monster produced by Big Blue Bubble is a unique exciting game which immerses young people in a range of activities to create digitized monsters. Using ground-breaking technology, young people can bring monsters to life right before their very eyes.  

Many of these projects can be viewed on, a website designed to showcase and celebrate Canada’s creative talents and screen-based productions from television productions to games, web content, and software and applications.

The CMF would like to thank the Canada, Country of Honour gold partners : Cineflix Media, official partner of the media breakfast in honour of Canadian talent, ACTRA, Rogers Broadcasting and PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers).

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