Russell Grosse

Director Russell

Russell has been involved in the Protection, Preservation and Promotion of Nova Scotia’s Black Culture and History for over 29 years, through the capturing and recording of an important part of Canadian History. He has been an employee of the Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia since 1994, starting off as a summer student and holding various development and supervisory roles including Operations Manager, Project Manager, Assistant Director and in December 2012, Russell was appointed to the role of Executive Director which he currently holds.

Utilizing the latest in innovative technology Russell has developed a virtual museum platform and hundreds of hours of multimedia content to help build awareness of Black history, and cultural events. Executive Producer of several community cultural productions and artistic showcases that support the promotion of Black Culture and History both in Nova Scotia and Nationally. Russell has also consulted on many ground-breaking media projects that help elevate diverse cultures and share stories.

A native of the historic Nova Scotia multi-generational Black Community of Cherry Brook, Russell truly believes in the importance of serving the community and creative collection of history. Russell’s leadership has elevated the Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia beyond the boarders of Nova Scotia, as well as the promotion of Nova Scotia’s extensive history as a member of the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada. Under his leadership and innovation, significant growth and the use of media technologies to promote a little-known culture has been achieved. Russell brings over two decades of multi-media and board experience to this new appointment.

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