Demographic Report

Launched as part of the CMF’s three-year Equity & Inclusion Strategy, PERSONA-ID is a self-identification system used to measure and monitor the demographic representation of Key Roles and Ownership in projects submitted to and supported by the CMF. The confidential demographic data is used in an aggregated and anonymized form to inform our policies and programs, while also widening support for underrepresented storytellers in Canada’s audiovisual sector.

A few key findings 

  • PERSONA-ID participation: 83 per cent of key personnel reported had created a PERSONA-ID profile. Engagement is higher in French-language linear productions
  • Indigenous representation: Individuals identifying as First Nations, Métis, and Inuit made up a combined 7 per cent of all reported Key Roles, and 6 per cent of Ownership shares in linear programs.
  • Diversity in Key Roles: Racialized Communities accounted for the largest proportion of Diverse Community Key Roles at 18 per cent overall for linear programs, while almost half of all Key Roles in interactive identified with one or more Diverse communities.
  • Inclusion of 2SLGBTQ+ and disabilities: The inclusion of individuals identifying as 2SLGBTQ+ and persons with disabilities in Key Roles stands at 8 per cent and 4 per cent respectively in linear programs but is much higher in interactive programs at 20 per cent and 10 per cent respectively.

More key findings can be found in the report’s Executive Summary.

While we cannot draw conclusions or trends from a single year of data, this report provides a unique snapshot in time and a starting point for all future measurements. It is an important outcome of the CMF’s ongoing commitment to fostering equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility in Canada’s audiovisual sector.

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