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January 14, 202114 January 2021
Emergency measures, violence, fraud, and crimes of all kinds: The work of police investigators is steeped in trying and even overwhelming situations sometimes far removed from the daily lives of most. This harsh police reality is presented to us in every episode of District 31. How can a production reach and retain an audience by diving into challenging and far removed themes? Co-producer Michel Trudeau shares the secrets of District 31’s magnetism.
October 19, 202019 October 2020
As the Canada Media Fund celebrates its 10th anniversary we speak with the President and CEO Valerie Creighton about closing the decade amid a pandemic and why, despite the challenges, the disruption has brought tremendous opportunity for growth and positive change.
June 15, 202015 June 2020
If you had to name a favourite cult series, which one comes to mind? Friends or Corner Gas? Breaking Bad or The Littlest Hobo? Game of Thrones or Lost? When talking about memorable TV shows, educational shows are not usually included in that ranking. And yet, over 40 years ago in Québec, a youth program captured the imagination of an entire generation of children, surely having a greater impact than most major cult series: Passe-Partout.
April 30, 202030 April 2020
Having just returned from a month spent travelling across Canada with Jay Baruchel, I can honestly say I know both the Canadian comedy icon and our diverse country a whole lot better.
March 23, 202023 March 2020
Today marks the start of Canadian Screen Week. We can’t gather in person to celebrate, but we can find other ways to show our love to our storytellers. Here is how.
March 23, 202023 March 2020
Guy was completely shocked by what he heard on the news that night, as were many other viewers around the world. In France, several journalists and cartoonists had just been murdered in cold blood during a terrorist attack perpetrated against Charlie Hebdo, a satirical newspaper.
February 11, 202011 February 2020
Rivalry between wealthy families, spacious and modern mansions, prestige and stardom stories... Today’s television overflows with shows where money and abundance are everywhere. But far from these luxurious settings, sometimes a few shows stand out by presenting characters lacking in financial resources who can only rely on their solidarity and inner strength to get through adversity. The result: a scripted series that feels very real, unexpectedly rich and powerful. Producer Julia Langlois shares why these stories deserve to be heard.
December 04, 201904 December 2019
In Burden of Truth – season 1, Toronto attorney Joanna Chang (Kristin Kreuk) comes back to her hometown in Manitoba for a case that ends up being nothing like she thought it would be. She has to uncover the layers to reveal the truth behind her work, her family, and everything she stands for.
August 15, 201915 August 2019
When we sit in front of our TV to watch our favourite series, we rarely think about how much work it took to bring it to the screen. Production itself is a gigantic undertaking — but even before the cameras can roll, teams must navigate the bureaucracy involved in creating and distributing a TV show. Because of that complexity, most ideas never leave the development stage.
July 16, 201916 July 2019
What was supposed to be a six-episode satirical series during the 1993 federal election became the longest-running scripted comedy show in Canadian history.
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