Canada Media Fund and Shaw Rocket Fund partnership fuels success of Canadian kids’ content

Toronto/Montréal, November 16, 2022 - The Canada Media Fund (CMF) and the Shaw Rocket Fund (SRF) recently announced the fifth renewal of the successful CMF-Shaw Rocket Fund Digital Animated Series Program to jointly fund the production of Canadian digital animated series for children and youth audiences.

The CMF and SRF launched the program to support producers developing and using innovative technologies to create digital first animation series, which can be challenging to finance. Both organizations have thus far invested a combined $15.7 million in 34 series.

From an immigrant Syrian child to the poetry of Black Canadian teens, from beloved books to a popular YouTuber, the series created because of this program over the past four rounds have connected with audiences, won numerous awards and secured sales with Canadian and international broadcasters. A full list of the funded projects is available on the CMF website, and include the following success stories:

Denis and Me (Headspinner Productions): built on the success of popular YouTuber Denis Kopotun and the imagined adventures of Denis and his chaos-magnet sidekick cat Sir Meows A Lot.  The series launched on YouTube with over 21 million views and was nominated as the Best YouTube Channel and Best Web Series at the 2022 Kidscreen Awards. Available on WildBrain Spark and Crave.

Dreams in Vantablack (Ian Keteku and Sherien Barsoum): centering on Black youth voices, this animated series features the poetry and spoken word of 12 young poets. The series launched with a special screening at the Toronto International Festival of Authors. All episodes are streaming on CBC Gem.

Dounia (Tobo Media Inc. and Du Coup Studio Production Inc.): about a young girl and her grandparents who leave their home in Syria when war breaks out. Dounia has won best original series and best director at the Gémeaux Awards 2021. Season 1 is currently available on Tele-Quebec’s kids digital platform.

Jeremy and Jazzy (Verite Films, Jeremy Fisher, Hidden Pony Records): Canadian singer-songwriter Jeremy Fisher helps show how feelings become songs, songs become stories and music, and friendship create joy. Available on YouTube, CBC Gem and CBC.

La petite dragouille (Happy Camper Media): an animated series based on a beloved book series in Quebec, which features little dragons who are curious to discover our world. Currently available on ICI TOU.TV.

Le facteur de l’espace (Urbania TV): based on an existing book series, this show follows the life of Bob, the best mailman in space. It recently launched on ICI TOU.TV and will be broadcast on Radio-Canada starting in early 2023.

Les Mimistoires (Maki Media): a series that takes stories created and told by children and puts them in the hands of talented artists to bring them to life. A 360-degree version of the episodes for VR and dome interactive viewing experiences is being created. Available on TV5 Unis, ICI TOU.TV, TFO and Couleur.TV. 

Piper’s Pony Tales (Epic Story Media): a preschool series about a girl who can transport herself and her friends and their pony pals into the story she’s telling through imaginative play. Producer has partnered with Breyer to create a line of Piper’s Pony Tales toys for play along. Available on YouTube.

Time Hoppers (Milo Productions): a series based on a role-playing game, featuring a group of children that travel across centuries to save some of the world’s greatest scientists from an evil alchemist. The series and game will be available on the digital platform

Applications for this fifth round of funding are now open until January 10, 2023. Click here to find out more about the program.

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