Canada Media Fund releases anticipated 2023 Key Trends Report

Snapshot of current trends in Canada’s screen-based media highlights promising innovations and developments

 Toronto/Montreal, January 25, 2023 – The 11th edition of the Canada Media Fund’s annual Key Trends Report, Inspirations for a collaborative future: Breaking frontiers in screen-based media, provides new data, innovative research, and interviews with a diverse cross-section of Canadian creators to capture how our screen-based industries will evolve in the coming years. Based on signals seen in cutting-edge tech, media consumption, business practices, society, and more, the report from the country's largest funding agency for screen content seeks to empower Canada’s creative talent, leaders, and organizations to explore new territories and engage in the growth of our sector.

“The CMF is proud to publish this annual resource for the industry. Over the past few years, demand for screen content has grown exponentially, and advancements in technology and distribution have provided opportunities for creators,” says Richard Koo, Vice-President of Analytics & Strategic Insight, CMF. “New voices are emerging and thriving in ways we’ve never witnessed before, and the power to decide what gets produced is moving away from traditional gatekeepers to a more democratized and representative body of decision makers — consumers themselves.”

Featuring illustrations from artist Ka Young Lee, the interactive report is built around three chapters: the first analyzes contemporary production and consumption of media; the second dives into what viewers, spectators, and participants want from screen-based entertainment; and the third looks at the technology (and human ingenuity) upending and extending into the media business. Each chapter is capped off by an easy-to-grasp, prospective short story — an extrapolation of current trends meant to outline possible futures.

Of note this year:

  • The most comprehensive overview of media consumption and device ownership in Canada is back in this year’s edition – Learn more
  • The macroeconomic outlook remains positive for the screen industries – Learn more
  • An era of computer-assisted storytelling is beginning – Learn more
  • Alternative futuristic narrative themes like Indigenous Futurism, Afrofuturism, Sinofuturism, Neotropicalism and more reach ever-growing audiences – Learn more
  • Gen Z is challenging the screen-based sector on the equity, diversity, and inclusion files – Learn more
  • More and more stories are experienced using five senses – Learn more

Find all of that, and a lot more, across 14 in-depth articles detailing the trends impacting Canada’s screen-based industries.

About the Canada Media Fund
The Canada Media Fund (CMF) fosters, develops, finances, and promotes the production of Canadian content for all audiovisual platforms. In addition, it guides Canadian content towards a competitive global digital environment by supporting industry innovation, rewarding success, promoting diversity of voices, and encouraging access to content through public- and private-sector partnerships. The CMF receives funding from the Government of Canada and from cable, satellite, and IP service distributors across the country. Visit the CMF's website for more information.

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