CMF, Quebecor Fund invest over $1.8M in eight projects

Toronto & Montreal, June 19, 2024 – The Canada Media Fund (CMF) and the Quebecor Fund (QF) today announced an investment of $1,848,000 in eight audiovisual projects. This funding is allocated through the Intellectual Properties Intended for International Markets Production Support component of the QF’s Television Production Assistance Program, in partnership with the CMF. The Quebecor Fund will contribute $1,325,160 and the CMF $523,640.   

The CMF will distribute funding to seven of the eight projects financed by the QF, including six dramas and one documentary series. These are: 

Bon Cop, Bad Cop (Drama)   

Production company: PaNik Fiction inc.  

Canadian broadcaster: Bell Media  

Synopsis: Adapted from the Bon Cop, Bad Cop films, this series follows the adventures of Martin Ward (Colm Feore) and David Bouchard (Patrick Huard) who must once again join forces for an investigation rooted in an Indigenous community. They team up with a new generation of police officers who are just as unorthodox as they are.  

Anticosti (Drama)  

Production company: Sphère Média inc.  

Canadian broadcaster: Corus  

Synopsis: On Anticosti Island, a woman is found dead at the foot of a cliff. The police declare it a suicide, but islanders reject this verdict. The victim’s childhood friend, Justine Gamache, teams up with Michael, Anticosti's gamekeeper, to solve the case. 

Le dernier des monstres (Drama)  

Production company: Productions Pixcom inc.  

Canadian broadcaster: Groupe TVA  

Synopsis: Thomas, a 33-year-old theologian of excessive kindness, finds himself at the heart of a police investigation aimed at solving a series of murders involving a religious sect in search of media attention.   

L'appel (Drama)  

Production company: Aetios Productions inc.  

Canadian broadcaster: Groupe TVA 

Synopsis: L'appel recounts the steps that led to the arrest and conviction of Maurice Boucher, leader of the Hells Angels’ Nomads chapter. 

LIAM (Drama)  

Production company: Productions KOTV inc.  

Canadian broadcaster: Télé-Québec  

Synopsis: Underneath his teenage looks, LIAM is in fact a humanoid designed in secrecy at the Global Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Against all expectations, he develops a will and emotions of his own. One of his creators, Dr. Wood, must reformat him as Liam refuses to accomplish the mission for which he was intended: to be a weapon capable of enslaving humanity. A small group of teenagers band together to oppose this project. Together, they must protect Liam and thwart Dr. Wood's plans. 

La reconstruction d’Anna Brodeur (Drama)  

Production company: Sphère Média inc.  

Canadian broadcaster: Bell Media  

Synopsis: After a ten-year voluntary exile in Paris, Anna Brodeur returns to Quebec under exceptional circumstances. This return to her roots is anything but calm and peaceful.  

Voyager le Nord (Documentary)   

Production company: Terre Innue inc.  

Canadian broadcasters: APTN / Société Radio-Canada  

Synopsis: Voyager le Nord is an adventure documentary series directed by Kim O'Bomsawin that celebrates the First Peoples of the Arctic reclaiming their territories by exploring the many possible ways of travelling through them, using both traditional and ultra-modern modes of transport. 

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About the Québecor Fund 
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