CMF to invest $14.6M in 31 Indigenous and Francophone Minority production projects

Toronto/Montréal, July 14, 2022 - The Canada Media Fund (CMF) will invest $14.6M in the production of 31 projects through two of its selective programs—the Indigenous Program and the Francophone Minority Program.

Indigenous Program

The CMF recognizes the unique circumstances and barriers affecting Indigenous communities and, through its Indigenous Program, delivers funding that specifically supports the growth of Indigenous production in Canada.

A total of $8.9M in funding will support 16 projects by Indigenous creators in the Children’s & Youth, Documentary, and Drama genres. Click here to view a list of projects funded through the CMF’s Indigenous Program.

Applications for funding through this program were evaluated by a jury composed of individuals from Indigenous communities: Rachel-Alouki Labbé, Jordan Molaro, Jessica Rose Carrie Murwin, Jamie-Lee Reardon, and Danielle Rochette. Together, they brought a complementary set of skills to the selection process, including Indigenous-led audiovisual production, contemporary visual arts and traditional storytelling through Indigenous perspectives, as well as knowledge of several Indigenous languages. To learn more about the jurors involved in the Indigenous Program application evaluation process, please click here.

Francophone Minority Program

A further $5.7M from the CMF’s Francophone Minority Program, which supports projects that reflect the realities of living in French-language communities outside Québec, will fund the production of 15 projects from Manitoba including one drama coproduced with Québec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Ontario.

Click here to view a list of CMF-funded projects and additional information, including producer credits, and funding commitments.

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