Self-Identification System


The Canada Media Fund (CMF) presents Persona-ID, a new Self-Identification System to collect and measure demographic data related to projects submitted to the CMF.

Why was it created?

Persona-ID was created as part of our Equity and Inclusion Strategy to measure and monitor the demographic representation and participation of all content creators involved in projects submitted to the CMF as well as those supported by the CMF.

In the past, media producers had to collect information regarding the identity or belonging of the key personnel, shareholders and corporate directors engaged on a project from these individuals to submit to CMF. Now, Persona-ID is a way for individuals to share their information, privately and securely, directly with the CMF.

The type of data collected, and the terminology used in Persona-ID are the result of extensive consultation with individuals, organizations, and communities across Canada in both English and French. However, we acknowledge that this effort will continue to evolve over time, adapting to and accommodating the changes in the screen industries, national demographics, and society in general.

What will the data collected through Persona-ID be used for?

The data collected through the new self-identification system will enable the CMF to obtain a more detailed picture of who is applying for funding as well as the people working on the funded projects. More specifically, this data collection will be used for the following purposes:

  • Inform decision-making on future changes to CMF Programs and policy;
  • Determine eligibility to targeted programs and incentives;
  • Detect inequities in access to funding and representation;
  • Follow trends and patterns in participation and funding;
  • Report to stakeholders and the public on who has access to CMF funding.

To know who should participate in Persona-ID, how does it work with CMF applications, and any other questions you might have, please go to our FAQ section below.

How do I register?

  1. First, you sign-up to create a Persona-ID account right below. We recommend you use a personal email, not a company email that may vary from project to project, and to use your full name as you are known and credited in the industry.
  2. You will then receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive it in the following 5 minutes, please check your spam inbox. The email will include a link to access the self-identification platform.
  3. By clicking on the link, you will access the Persona-ID self-identification platform. You will be asked to agree to the Terms of Use & Privacy and to complete a self-identification questionnaire. You can download and preview a PDF version of both items below in the Reference Documents section.
  4. After reviewing and submitting your completed questionnaire, you will receive your Persona-ID number. We encourage you to copy this number and to save it for future use.

For more details on how to register and complete the questionnaire, please read the complete User Guide available for download in the Reference Documents section below.

Sign-up for a Persona-ID account

If you are a NEW registrant:

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For Dialogue users who are already using their personal email to access their accounts, you can use the same email and registration information to create a Persona-ID account. You may also decide to create a new account using a different email by signing up here.

If you already have a Persona-ID number:



Please follow the link to directly access the Persona-ID self-identification platform.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Starting in September 2021 for projects submitted to the Development/Predevelopment portion of the Pilot Program for Racialized Communities (PPRC), the CMF:

  1. requires all CMF Applicant shareholders and corporate directors to self-identify; and,
  2. invites the production and creative team members – known at the CMF as the Key Personnel – engaged on these projects to self-identify, but it is not mandatory.

Shareholders, corporate directors, producers, writers, and directors involved in Development Envelope applications or any other development program available in 2021-2022 may self-identify using Persona-ID on a voluntary basis.

More programs and incentives at the CMF may require a Persona-ID account starting in April 2022, so please stay tuned.

Once the questionnaire in Persona-ID is submitted, you will have a unique Persona-ID number assigned. This number should be shared with the person completing the CMF funding application. They will enter the number in the application to link your personal data with the application. The Applicant company will not see any data in the Persona-ID identified with your name.

All Shareholders and Corporate Directors of Applicant companies submitting one or more applications to the Pilot Program for Racialized Communities (PPRC) for Development and Pre-Development in 2021 are required to have a Persona-ID number. Applications may be submitted without the Persona-ID numbers, but they will be required to finalize any financing agreement.

We also strongly encourage all key personnel, including Writers, Directors, Producers (including Showrunners, Executive Producers and Creative Producers) to provide their Persona-ID numbers to the Applicant but for 2021, it will not be mandatory.

The Key Personnel varies from program to program and may change over time. For some convergent (linear) programs it means only Writer, Director and Producer roles but for gender parity and other programs it involves a longer list. Please check the Program Guidelines, ask your producer, or contact us at [email protected] to confirm if you have any questions. However, anyone working in the industry can create an account at any time even if not connected to a particular project yet.

At any time, starting in September 2021, people who believe they will be connected as a Shareholder, Corporate Director, or member of the Key Personnel for any application submitted to the CMF can create a Persona-ID account and continue using their unique number in the future.

After creating a Persona-ID account and completing the Persona-ID self-identification questionnaire, you will be given a 6-digit number that will serve to identify you in the Persona-ID system. This number allows the CMF to confirm your identity and use the relevant information for the purposes mentioned above.

Since Persona-ID is a personal access account that may be used to identify you on multiple projects and by different production companies in the future, we encourage you to use your personal and most reliable email account.

Yes, you can share your Persona-ID number with producers or any other applicants who would like to include your name in their projects submitted to the CMF. But rest assured that no Applicant or any third party will have access to your private information.

Yes, we are looking to monitor and measure the participation and representation of everyone submitting to and receiving funding from the CMF, including many demographic indicators, such as language, region, age, gender, belonging to an indigenous People to Canada, ethnocultural or racial identity or origin and incapacity. Persona-ID is not only intended for members of certain groups or communities.

Only designated CMF and the CMF Program Administrator employees under strict confidentiality conditions can see your personal information and this only when your Persona-ID number is referenced by a particular application. Applicant producers can only see their own personal information. However, at the end of an evaluation process, the Applicant producer will receive an aggregated report without names or specific information to confirm their eligibility to a specific program or incentive.

You can change your personal information at any time. However, if your Persona-ID is already attached to an application currently being processed, only the information submitted before the program’s deadline will be considered. To change your contact information, you will need to contact Telefilm’s Technical Services at [email protected]

No. Currently, you can only use Persona-ID to self-identify for applications to the Canada Media Fund (CMF).

Applicants should inform the CMF of any changes to these roles on supported projects as soon as they occur. Please bear in mind that any such changes may affect the company and project’s eligibility to certain programs and incentives. At the completion of any supported project, the Applicant will have to report back to the CMF confirming again if any roles and eligibility criteria have changed.

The Canada Media Funds (CMF) is the sole owner of all data collected via Persona-ID. Telefilm Canada acts as a third-party service provider for the CMF with the capacity to store, manage and deliver the data to the CMF.

Yes! We are still developing Persona-ID to make it more user-friendly, inclusive, and secure. We will be happy to receive all your feedback, from reporting bugs to suggestions in the language used or the ways we can best reassure you about the safety of your information. Please write to us at [email protected]

Do you need help? Please contact us:

If you need accessibility assistance to create your Persona-ID account or for any data collection and privacy questions or feedback, please contact [email protected]

For technical questions, please contact [email protected]

To assist you in the process of applying to the CMF, please contact [email protected]