CMF invests over $4.5M in 55 production companies through Slate Development Pilot Program

Toronto, June 20, 2024 – The Canada Media Fund (CMF) today announced an investment of $4,575,000 in 55 production companies through the fiscal 2023-2024 edition of our Slate Development Pilot Program. This sum includes additional funds allocated to the program thanks to the $40M Government of Canada investment for French-language content and underrepresented creators.  

The Slate Development Pilot Program offers more flexibility to prodcos and allows them to choose and fund their development projects without an attached Canadian broadcaster or other triggering entity. Eligibility to this program is based on attaining a threshold of reported gross sales and CMF-funded production and development activities. 

Of the 55 funding recipients, 33 will be developing projects in English, and 22 in French. Nine will be developing Children & Youth (C&Y) projects, 18 will be working on dramas, and 28 on documentaries.  

The funding recipients are:  

Applicant Language Genre Slate allocation 
Acimow Media Ltd. English Documentary $75,000 
Ari A. Cohen Productions Inc. English Documentary $75,000 
Conquering Lion Pictures Inc. English Drama $100,000 
Frantic Films Corporation English Drama $100,000 
Freddie Films Inc. English Drama $100,000 
H2L Productions Inc. English Documentary $75,000 
HitPlay Productions Inc. English Documentary $75,000 
Imagine Create Media Incorporated English C&Y  $75,000 
Intuitive Pictures Inc. English Documentary $75,000 
Kwassen Productions Inc. English Documentary $75,000 
Landslide Entertainment Inc. English C&Y $75,000 
Les Productions Galafilm Inc. / Galafilm Productions Inc. English Documentary $75,000 
Lofty Sky Pictures Inc. English Documentary $75,000 
Mainframe Studios Inc. English C&Y $75,000 
Makwa Creative Inc. English Documentary $75,000 
MCM2 Productions Inc. English Drama $100,000 
Media Rendezvous Inc. English C&Y $75,000 
Mercury Films Inc. English Documentary $75,000 
Muse Entertainment Enterprises Inc. English Drama $100,000 
N5 Pictures Inc. English Drama $100,000 
New Metric Media Inc. English Drama $100,000 
Orca Cove Media Inc. English Drama $100,000 
Oya Media Group Inc. English Documentary $75,000 
PMA Productions Inc. English Drama $100,000 
Real World Films Inc. English Documentary $75,000 
Sagacious Media Inc. English Documentary $75,000 
Sandbay Entertainment Inc. English Documentary $75,000 
Scarborough Pictures Inc. English Drama $100,000 
Screen Siren Pictures Inc. English Documentary $75,000 
SEVEN24 Films Inc. English Drama $100,000 
Shaftesbury Development Inc. English Drama $100,000 
Storyline Entertainment Inc. English Documentary $75,000 
White Bear Films Inc. English Drama $100,000 
10620114 CANADA INC. French Drama $100,000 
4382013 Canada inc. (Productions Prestigo) French C&Y $75,000 
Amalga Créations Médias Inc. French Documentary $75,000 
B-612 TV inc. French Documentary $75,000 
Bellefeuille Production Ltée French Documentary $75,000 
Blach Films Inc. French C&Y $75,000 
ComediHa! inc. French Drama $100,000 
Connections Productions Inc. French C&Y $75,000 
Echo Media Inc. French C&Y $75,000 
Encore Télévision Inc. French Drama $100,000 
Iprod Inc. French Documentary $75,000 
Les Films Sanajik inc. French Documentary $75,000 
Les Productions Sovimage Inc. French Drama $100,000 
Moi & Dave inc. French Documentary $75,000 
Picbois Productions Inc. French Documentary $75,000 
Productions 10e Ave Inc. French Drama $100,000 
Productions Hyperzoom Inc. French Documentary $75,000 
Taiga Média Inc. French Documentary $75,000 
Tapis Rouge Films Inc. French Documentary $75,000 
Tobo Média Inc. French C&Y $75,000 
Trinôme-Inter inc. French Documentary $75,000 
URBANIA MEDIA inc. French Documentary $75,000 

About the Canada Media Fund   
The Canada Media Fund (CMF) fosters, develops, finances, and promotes the production of Canadian content and applications for all audiovisual media platforms. The CMF guides Canadian content towards a competitive global environment by fostering industry innovation, rewarding success, enabling a diversity of voice, and promoting access to content through public and private sector partnerships. The CMF receives financial contributions from the Government of Canada and Canada’s cable, satellite, and IPTV distributors. Visit our website for more information.   

Media Contact  

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Senior Manager, Communications – Canada Media Fund  
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