The Canada Media Fund welcomes industry modernization

Banff, Alberta, June 12, 2023 – The Canada Media Fund (CMF) congratulates the federal government and the Honourable Pablo Rodriguez, Minister of Canadian Heritage, for championing the modernization of our country’s audiovisual industry at the 2023 Banff World Media Festival. 

The CMF has long advocated for more flexibility in our mandate to better serve Canada’s creators and content. The modernization suggested by Minister Rodriguez will enable our organization and our industry to adapt to the changing landscape of the screen sector, following the passing of Bill C-11 and the CRTC’s ongoing work to update the regulatory framework. We are energized for the future.

In addition, the CMF is committed to continuing our important conversation on the definition of Canadian content. We believe this is a crucial issue that affects the diversity of our stories and our cultural identity.

“Working together, we can continue to put Canadian content and creators first,” said Valerie Creighton, President & CEO of the CMF. “The Canada Media Fund is ready. As always, we will take an industry-first approach, working closely with all industry stakeholders and funders.”

“Minister Rodriguez has been instrumental in modernizing our production and broadcasting system and ensuring that it reflects who we are as Canadians,” added Creighton. “We look forward to working on the next critical steps that will allow the CMF to better serve our growing industry and ensure Canadians are getting the content they want across platforms and formats.”

About the Canada Media Fund
The Canada Media Fund (CMF) fosters, develops, finances, and promotes the production of Canadian content and applications for all audiovisual media platforms. The CMF guides Canadian content towards a competitive global environment by fostering industry innovation, rewarding success, enabling a diversity of voices, and promoting access to content through public and private sector partnerships. The CMF receives financial contributions from the Government of Canada and Canada’s cable, satellite, and IPTV distributors. Visit the Canada Media Fund’s website for more information

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Canada Media Fund
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Photo credit: Nick Laferriere - Minister Rodriguez was presented with a trophy at the Banff World Media Festival as a playful gesture to celebrate his leadership in making the Online Streaming Act law. The front plate is inscribed with: GOOOOOOOAL! Congratulations on striking Bill C-11 into the back of the net!!