Kôna has you conduct an investigation in the 1970s Northern Quebec

Kôna is a video game in which the hero must investigate the disappearance of a copper mine owner and local inhabitants in the 1970s Northern Quebec. In an interview, producer Alexandre Fiset explains the challenges of reaching an international audience.

Parabole operates a studio in Quebec City’s Saint-Roch district and has developed Kôna, an episodic game of investigation, exploration, survival and mystery that is set in the 1970s Northern Quebec. Kôna surrounds the player in an immersive, realistic and atmospheric ambience.

With dialogues unfolding exclusively in joual (a Quebec French dialect), Kôna has successfully generated interest within the global gaming community because of its typical Quebec character.

“I want to play games that are made by a bunch of people so you can feel the personalities of the creators in the work.”

Alexandre Fiset – Core Team Producer, Studio Parabole

To watch the interview:

Available for PC, Mac and Linux, the release of the first episode is scheduled before the end of 2015.

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