Season 2

Lights, Camera, Inclusion

Welcome to the second season of Lights, Camera, Inclusion, the first video series by Now & Next, the Canada Media Fund’s editorial platform. After a first season dedicated to matters of representation and diversity on Quebec screens, season 2, titled Transforming the industry, focuses on dynamic creative duos who are at the forefront of inclusive practices, both in front and behind the camera. Now & Next lead editor Gaëlle Essoo travels to Vancouver and Montreal to meet industry leaders who have made it their mission to pave the way for the next generation of storytellers across the country.

Episode 1: Shyam Valera and Kashif Pasta

The pair discusses representation, inclusive sets, and second-gen storytelling.

In this first episode, Now & Next lead editor Gaëlle Essoo is joined by longtime friends Shyam Valera and Kashif Pasta. The pair founded Dunya Media, a production company focused on “telling BIPOC stories with a global impact.” Shyam and Kashif’s work on authentic representation also includes special attention to the crews, including their contribution and well-being on sets.

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Episode 2: Loretta Todd, Doreen Manuel and Cease Wyss

The trio of Indigenous matriarchs discusses the natural fit between immersive tech and Indigenous storytelling, the parallels between nature and technology, and lifelong training.

In this episode, we learn about the special connection between virtual reality and Indigenous creativity thanks to Loretta Todd, a seasoned filmmaker who created the IM4 Lab (Indigenous Matriarchs 4 Lab), which provides micro-credits in immersive learning to Indigenous creators. We’ll be joined later by two other Indigenous matriarchs, first by filmmaker and educator Doreen Manuel, then by multimedia artist and ethnobotanist, Cease Wyss.

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Episode 3: Steve J. Adams and Sean Horlor

The couple talks about working with one’s life partner, the importance of queer role models in the industry and future projects.

In this episode, we’ll meet producers, filmmakers and life partners Steve J. Adams and Sean Horlor. Their latest documentary, Satan wants you, had its world premiere at SXSW this year. Sean and Steve discuss their previous film, Someone like me, how they couldn’t imagine not working as a duo, and the importance of giving back to the queer community by being role models for the up-and-coming generation of LGBTQ+ creators.

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Episode 4: Henri Pardo and Éric Idriss-Kanago


In this episode, Gaëlle Essoo sits down with the unstoppable producer/director tandem composed by Éric Idriss-Kanago and Henri Pardo. The duo notably worked together on Afro Canada, a documentary series covering 400 years of African-Canadian history, a creative and community adventure which laid the foundations for their collaboration and confirmed their desire to transform the face of the industry.

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Episode 5: Bahija Essoussi Gagnon and Samuel Gagnon

The business and life partners discuss their partnership and complementarity, the North African and West Asian Lab (N.A.W.A.L.), and the pitfalls of orientalism.

To conclude this second season, we meet producers Bahija Essoussi-Gagnon and Samuel Gagnon. Objectif 9, their production company, highlights a number of stories from diverse voices. Bahija also co-founded N.A.W.A.L., a laboratory that supports the screen-based industry artisans from North Africa and West Asia.

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